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Pandemic Era children & families – how to end the stress mess and activate on demand wellness.

The pandemic, magnified everything to the extreme.  Economic uncertainty, limited freedom to go out and hangout with friends or extended family, and masking, add mental, emotional and physical stress daily.

Children are much smarter than you think.  They have “higher antennas” You can’t hide from them your moods or your views about what is going on. They access the internet,  and watch the news.


As you know, the instructions about pandemic, are not consistent and they change every few days as new variants pop up. There are MDs with different approaches. The world atmosphere is quite chaotic.

At some point, only few months ago, we had the impression that   getting vaccinated would solve problems and we will get back to the old normal of 2019.  However, this Covid19 is like a Pandora box which keeps surprising us.

Children’s stress effects parent as well. Chronic stress elevates other chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and pain.  Together they grow like a negative spiral which drain vitality and weakens the immune system.


What can we do to create harmonious environment in our homes?

  1. Computer, phone and TV are not your babysitter solution to keep your children busy and out of your attention. Yet, having a daily plan how much time they are using the media and devices and what are the contents is a good idea. Sometimes, under your nose, and without you noticing it, your children could be stressed by comments and  social pressure in Tiktok, & Instagram  

  2. Read real physical  books – have a conversation about the content

  3. Play real games – chess, cards, monopoly

  4. Dance  intuitive dancing with them – choose music from radio, streaming radio, YouTube

  5. Exercise on Vibromat

  6. Reduce stress and anxiety with soundbath weighted blanket or sonic harmonic pet

  7. Cook

  8. Draw a drawing

  9. Write a journal

  10. Create a free website (by using a platform such as  WIX)

  11. Meditate / walking meditation in nature

  12. Explore new fields of interest

  13. Clean and redesign your home together

  14. Learn together how to verify truth  and fact checking of information in the internet and how to do multidisciplinary study with knowledge and information you find in it to expand your perception.


Contact us to learn more about  Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness approach which activates 5 Ps: preventive, proactive, personalized, & positive perception.

You are welcome to read two more articles about stress in general , children in stress and how Vibroacoustic therapy could reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily in a soothing and effortless way.

what is a silentsoundspace to recharge vitality  and reduce stress at home, at school and in workplace

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