Are you are a caregiver, or a professional therapist, MD, or a chiropractor, or an alternative therapist, trainer or an education consultant?  I recommend to take our hybrid training which includes online sessions + zoom meeting and you will receive our company’s certification of OPTIMIZE  THE USAGE OF VIBROACOUSTIC THERAPY.

Since Vibroacoustic Therapy is a wellness generic, holistic and integrative balancing platform. You can incorporate it before or after your main treatment. Psychotherapist, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapist may integrate during their treatments.

In our training we teach how to combine different frequencies to address different complex wellness-health-wellbeing conditions.

In a nutshell, what Vibroacoustic therapy - VAT?

VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) is a deep tissue, sonic wellness equipment which enables soundwave inner body massage.

The process:  you a choose a single low sound frequency in the range of 30 Hz - 120 Hz, and transmit it to the special equipment (bed, mattress, lounge, blanket, chair).

Since we are 60% water and sound travels through water better than air, literally, you vibrate organs, tissues, and cells,in multiple body systems, (nervous, skeleton muscular, blood) through transducers (low sound speakers) that are embedded in equipment. The transducers convert the frequencies into soft vibrations which “rinse your body from within”.

The researcher Olav Skille (a scientist, musician, therapist and educator) from Norway, invented VAT 40 years ago.

Patients, therapists, academic research, and applied research in the past 30 years, have reported the benefit of  VAT:

Pain reduction/elimination / Increases calmness & clarity of the mind/ Increase Attentiveness /Stress reduction/elimination/ A tool to minimize bad habits(obesity)/ Recharges Vitality, Muscle Relief. Insomnia reduction/elimination, helping cell metabolism process.

With his unique and rare knowledge of Harmony of Music and Sound based on Pythagoras , Skille found the correlation between specific frequencies and reduction of pain and stress in different parts of the body and other frequencies help reduce insomnia and anxiety. He created frequenc and we are using them in our equipment.





Our training is based on the perception of balancing inner systems and optimizing the usage of vitality.

If you are a therapist or owner of a wellness- health business such spa, rehab, chiropractor, MD you may wish to explore our B2B site.


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