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How to turn your living room, bedroom and workplace into a Serenity Space

No matter if you think of it or  are trying to escape it, stress is the elephant in the room.

It’s always waving at you and telling you: “either you manage me or I will manage you”


Taking a vacation and flying to exotic places have the justification of – “I need to relax”… “I need to take a break… I need to recharge…”

Some people that can afford it, may fly to exotic  faraway places…as if the father they go, the calmer they become. They only forget that they take their mind-brain with them and this mind-brain keeps trying to solve problems and generate imaginative negative scenarios that eventually raise more mental, emotional and physical stress.


But wait!

What if we could create serenity spaces in our homes and workplaces so that when we get back after a long day, (or having an effective break at work) we can relax, breathe deeply, and recharge vitality in harmonious conditions in our own place?


So, sit down, breathe deeply and visualize what would that SERENITY SPACE look like?

What would be the colors of the walls?

What type of pictures will you choose? 

What type of furniture would you place ?

Will you add some plants?

What will create this peaceful atmosphere of reducing mental, emotional and physical stress in addition to recharging vitality?

What music will you play?

What scenes will you watch on the tv?

 Here is a my SPA uplifting atmosphere living room:


When you get back home, you wish to feel at home inside of you - protected and in peace and not only in designing your living room or bedroom as a persona spa.


So, what will create inner harmony, balance, attunement and will calibrate inner systems?

How can you reduce mental, emotional and physical stress and recharge vitality with no efforts daily, in a soothing , gentle and effortless way?

At work, how can you extend your lunch break in 23 minutes and feel energized and motivated for the second half of the day?



Why adding sonic ergonomic equipment into your TEMPLE OF TRANQUILITY?

The reason is that streaming low sound frequencies into equipment can not only create inner conditions of deep meditation to the cells, and peace of bodymind, but also help reduce pain, insomnia and anxiety. Olav Skille -  the inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy had a rare knowledge of Pythagoras's harmony of sound. He found the correlation between certain low sound frequencies and addressing different health conditions. He composed low sound frequencies wave files and streamed them into  equipment.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is defined as wellness sonic healing platform. In Nordic countries it is taught as part of music therapy.

The beauty of Vibroacoustic Therapy is that it can be used as self-care as well as additional therapeutic modality.

You simply lie on the whole-body equipment, or sit on a recliner, or lie under,  or on top of a soundbath weighted blanket. You select a single low sound frequency from your phone or your tablet and… let go..

Some frequencies help reduce lower back pain, other, upper back pain, and yet other help reduce headache and more…

Similarly, to having a first aid kit at home, the vibroacoustic therapy is a first aid wellness sonic aid kit.



How would you call your space? Calmness on Demand? Serenity Space? Temple of Tranquility? SilentSoundSpace?

What matters is that when you enter in, you feel  a little wow of ease and comfortability. You feel at home in the deepest sense and after a session of using a vibroacoustic therapy equipment, you adjust inner systems, calm the body, clear the mind, elevate your spirit and  manifest a better mood.


The Holidays season is here and adding a vibroacoustic therapy to your space could be a major added value to your wellness-health-wellbeing.

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