Vibroacoustic Therapy mats and pillows enable inner body massage with quantum sonic harmonic vibrations. You simply hug a pillow or lie on a mat and feel gentle sound waves rinsing and hugging you from within. After few seconds,
you will sink into serenity and deep peace, with no efforts.
This is the easiest way to balance mental, emotional and physical systems, reduce pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety, boost vitality and life quality.
The ergonomic mats, pillows and purring pets optimize the usage of energy and are great solutions to implement wellness@work
Vibroacoustic Therapy was invented by Olav Skille from Nordic countries (Norway /Finland)
The SoundWell - is his representative in America.
You can purchase Vibroacoustic therapy products directly  from the shop.
Add coupon : wellness4u and you will get 15% discount of prices shown  in our website.
The  work of art  is created by TomerTal - a multidisciplinary  naive, existentialist artist and photographer.
Tomer with his minimalist yet colorful wall art, and expressive shirts, pillows and bags, will uplift you energies  and improve your mood at home, at work and on the go.
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Uplift your atmosphere and prettify your physical space.

Calm your body, clear your mind and put a smile on your face.

Add the names of the work of art items and we will send you an invoice
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