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What is Burnout, really?

If you google the term, you will find variety of definitions. Here is a broad description of signs and symptoms:


  • Alienation from work-related activities: Individuals experiencing burnout view their jobs as increasingly stressful and frustrating. They may grow cynical about their working conditions and the people they work with. They may also emotionally distance themselves and begin to feel numb about their work.

  • Physical symptoms: Chronic stress may lead to physical symptoms, like headaches and stomachaches or intestinal issues.

  • Emotional exhaustion: Burnout causes people to feel drained, unable to cope, and tired. They often lack the energy to get their work done.

  • Reduced performance: Burnout mainly affects everyday tasks at work—or in the home when someone's main job involves caring for family members. Individuals with burnout feel negative about tasks. They have difficulty concentrating and often lack creativity.

A quote from How to Tell You Have Reached the Point of Burnout (

An additional description and comparison to depression:

             Depression: What is burnout? - - NCBI Bookshelf (


The purpose of this article is to explore whether individuals can lift themselves up/out of this state, by themselves.

The answer depends on whether you have enough energies to observe your thoughts, emotions, sensations, motivation, behavior and actions with no judgment. Can you become your own self explorer, anthropologist or scientist that is detached? In addition,  do you have the ability to assess the situation you are in, and also  implement  arsenal of tools to make changes in order to improve wellness-health-wellbeing?


Here are some questions to answer honestly

  1. Do you eat health food?

  2. Do you move your body daily? (walking, running, fitness, yoga, )

  3. Do you sleep well 6-7 hours a night?

  4. Do you use effective ways to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress, daily?

  5. Are you motivated to do your job?

  6. Do you implement a hoppy, a creative field, passionate talent?

  7. Do you have love in your life or at least, are you socially active?

  8. Do you volunteer?

  9. Do you believe/perceive that you have inner power to make positive changes?

  10. Do you have a resource of support to gain inspiration and hope?

Clearly, the more you answer YES, the more you have inner capacity to lift yourself from burnout situation. By the end of the day, it all has to do with vitality which enables to observe, make decisions and take actions to change habits.

Motivation is a mysterious soft energy. What are the components of motivation?

It has to do with values, talents, skills, creativity, self-confidence, willpower and passion. These parameters create positive self-image of how individuals perceive and appreciation themselves. Yet, you need positive feedback from family, workplace and society in general   to be coherent and support the positive self-image of yourself.


“Change is the only constant in Life” - Heraclitus


Many people fear change and tend to hold on the illusion of stability and the ordinary as a self-controlling tool of managing their lives. Very often, people may stick to bad environment and conditions just to hold on with this illusion of the known of what to expect.  

Yet, every heartbeat, each eye blink and each breathe we take, reality changes in us and outside of us.

The question is– do we drive our life proactively or we simple react to what’s going on.

We all have ups and downs, many of us during our life, feel unmotivated or unsatisfied in our personal or proffesional lives.


If we adopt a perspective which is based on a perception that life is a serious game of awareness and that burnout is a red-light alert which indicates a need for positive change, then we can start moving into a new stage of exploration of what to do next.

Write a journal  which describes  a new positive life  in the near future.

If you simply start a journal and write where you wish to be in your life by the end of this year, you will notice a delicate gentle power of optimism in you.

This is the first step of lifting yourself from burnout. Keep editing, visualizing, imagining and become as a magician that attracts positive change . BELIEVE IT, ACHIEVE it is a serious slogan.

After several days of editing the story, you will be satisfied with what resonates from the content of your vision.

The next step, is to create a practical plan based on your resources and derives from the energetic vision framework.

Shine from within, be a teamwork player and make sure you get yourself answering more yes to the questions above. 

Manifest more things that light up passion, inner drive, motivation and creativity.

Drive life, enjoy the journey.

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