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Pave the path for better performance

Performance is the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.


Improving performance at work is connected and associated with improving productivity. For instance, a task that may take you 3 hours to accomplish, you would improve your performance by doing it in 2 hours, assuming you  will achieve the same high-quality results or even better.

Performance improvements are connected to all life aspects at work and in our personal life.

Is there a way to step up from any specific role or task and observe whether there is an algorithm of paving the path of improving performance in any field?

I perceive there is, and here it is:

  1. Clean / clear the desktop of your mind and visualize yourself at your best performance.

  2. Write how you sense &  feel. How does your mind work? How does your body act?  Explore the sources which fuel your inspirations. Simply write, write, write… no order, no editing – simply download what’s in your head during and after visualizing ..

  3. Observe, examine, make sense, and edit /add:

    1. What are the sources of your motivation, drive, passion, energy, incentives, belief system?

    2. What are the external resources for your vitality (food, sleep, movement)

    3. What are your internal resources for optimizing your energies and being resilient (reducing stress daily, creativity, spirituality? social ambitions)

  4. Project management plan – Define your end goal. Set the rules of time, skills, and attention by combining external and internal conditions to pave the path for a better performance.

  5. Set rules for steps of evaluation during the process.

  6. Set rules for adjustments and changes to getting back to steps 1-5.


Our minds are the simulators of our life. Positive visualization is the first step to combine mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resources to motivate us to step to higher capacity and better quality of what we do.

Life is the school of awareness. There are endless ways to improve performance while enjoying the journey on the go.

Be well



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