Hello, I'm Avigail Berg-Panitz (MA in Holistic Health) -  A wellness  expert, social entrepreneur, holistic therapist, writer, and owner of TheSoundWell  Vibro-Therapy.


You may be a owner of a business or a leader in an organization that offers products and solutions to customers, and partners.

Our wellness blog and self-care catalog, may be a powerful tool to communicate with them and show support, care and attention. They will appreciate your sincere sensitivity and self-help tools to use at home and at work.


I believe that  balancing platforms such as vibroacoustic therapy and the work of art, uplifts, inspires and boost vitality.

They are  keys  to empower our beings, elevate passion, motivation, creativity, health and sanity.


By the end of the day, we all wish to be happy, healthy, have a meaningful life and be loving.

You are most welcome to contact me to understand better how we can collaborate.


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