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What is your dominant survival pattern?
-  Fight, Flight or Freeze?

How well do you recognize your reactions in a stressful  and “threatening situation”?

Different people react differently to stressful / survival situations.

A neutral person watching your  body's automatic, built-in system, designed to protect you from threat or a danger, may say:” you over react, or define you as a short fuse person. However, for you, an incident may seem as a real threat which justifies your reaction.

We never see the whole picture and always tell ourselves stories about interpreting reality in order to realize what is going on in our lives. FFF is a biological alert system since mankind struggled in the jungle.

The more mental, emotional and physical stress is amplified, the more we react in a programmed FFF automatic mode.


The question is, do we let this primate bodymind conditioning rule our behavior? Or, do we learn in advance, our automatic response to our subjective definition of threat, and with awareness, adjust, regulate and modify it. 

Awareness to our default reactions is the first step to make changes, once we get to the conclusion that they may sabotage our lives or even lead to self-destruction in the long run.

Stress has many flavors and intensities. It may start as a physical stress, trigger emotional stress and impact mental stress.

Accumulated stress may become chronic and trigger other chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, burnout and depression.


Once we figured out the matrix of our reactions, we need to reprogram our subconscious subroutines and build up new positive conditioning of BodyMind.


Vibroacoustic Therapy could be helpful

The Sonic ergonomic original Vibroacoustic therapy – which was invented by Olav Skille from Norway  helps reset, reboot and rewire the automatic response. It enables us to visualize situations in life and write new scenarios which may train the bodymind to act differently.

If for instance you are a freeze dominant person who accumulate stress internally, but does not show signs externally, some of our frequencies will release this tension, because  they act as inner body gymnastics to the cells.

If you are a combative - fight type of person, other frequencies will help you relax deeply and asses the situation before getting into a fight or an argument.

If you are a flight  type of person that simply disappear and run away, some of our frequencies will help you slow down and have your bodymind clearer and calmer. Once the “stress temperature” goes down, you could breathe deeply and realize that usually, there is no need to run away.


Some of our low sound frequencies lead to self-hypnosis and deep meditation. You can visualize new scenarios of behavior and write new positive scripts to reprogram  bodymind for better nondestructive or  non-sabotaging reactions.


What does a Vibroacoustic Therapy system include:

  • Equipment (mats, pillows, sonic pets, sound massage table, soundwell weighted blankets) which include built in speakers for low sound frequencies, an amplifier and the frequencies which you download to your mobile device (tablet or phone)

  • You simply lie on the whole-body equipment or hug a pillow, or wrap yourself in a blanket. You select a single low sound frequency and stream it from your mobile device to amplifier, and to the sonic ergonomic equipment via Bluetooth or cable. After few moments you will feel gentle sonic harmonic waves vibrating every organ tissue and cell.

  • The default of a session is 23 minutes. There is an option of running a frequency nonstop until you turn it off.






Contact us to learn more. We can help you reprogram your BodyMind

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