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How to dissolve a blue mood

  1. Start with the rational detached observation:

    1. Moods come and go just like clouds come and go

    2. I should change my attention to positive activities

    3. I don’t take it personally. I build up stories in my mind but the people that are connected to these stories do not resonate with  the same vibrations. I manifest my intentions and let those that sense harmony,  respond.

  2. Change your physical surrounding and activities

    1. Do walking meditation in the park. Watch the birds, flowers, and trees.

    2. Do intuitive dancing with harmonic music

    3. Eat healthy tasty delicious food

    4. Sleep well

    5. Massage yourself

    6. Have sex with the one you love (or with yourself)

    7. Breathe deeply and let go… 30 times.

  3. Emotional changes:

    1. Watch funny or romantic movies

    2. Talk with a funny person

    3. Hug your pet

    4. Play with children

    5. Hug your loved ones

  4. Spiritual changes

    1. Watch inspiring videos

    2. Go to a spiritual store – buy yourself some crystals

    3. Exchange views with people you trust in the  spiritual dimension

    4. meditate

  5. Mental activities

    1. Write a journal of a new project

    2. Read a new book in a new topic you are interested in

  6. Do a creative project which will fill your heartmind with joy

  • Impact All dimensions – Vibroacoustic therapy

    • Reduce mental, emotional, and physical stress and reduce pain, anxiety and insomnia.

    • Sink into deep serenity of self-hypnosis

    • Visualize yourself laughing, creative, happy, loving

    • Massage your body parts while sonic harmonic waves rinse you from within

    • Allow yourself to let go...  reset-reboot-recharge

    • Sonic harmonic vibrations work in parallel on your mental, emotional and physical dimension. They minimize overwhelmed mind and enable wisdom of spirit dimension to pour in.

    • After 23 minutes, you would be surprising how the vibrations dissolved blue mood. Literally the vibrations changed the electrochemical in the content of your bodymindbrain. Together with intended positive approach, visualization and attitude, you pushed mind clouds away. After a session, your mind is clearer. Your body is calmer.

    • Drive life, enjoy your journey with a smile


    Get on your vibroacoustic therapy sound-bath mat or blanket. Or hug your sonic harmonic panda or other pet. Stream a low sound frequency and feel ticklish sensation of cellular massage which vibrates every organ, tissue and cell.


  • Contact us to learn more of how to dissolve bad moods and dynamically balance inner systems.

  • Explore more about our sonic ergonomic equipment 

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