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What is the algorithm of learning?

My observation of the learning process, derives from the usage of energy in optimal inner bodymindspirit conditions.

Let’ s take an extreme situation of a genius in his/her field, that is facing an emotional storm   Though usually s/he is a fast learner, witty and understands complex material, because of emotional turbulence, s/he is paralyzed and cannot learn a thing. S/he gets into freeze mode mixed with anxiety and breathing problem.





The upper example is to demonstrate that inner conditions of balance between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions are essential even in a case of a genius or a very talented good student.


Let’s get back to us, – the regular, averaged people…

Observing the algorithm of learning is worthwhile looking into, because many of us never really stop this process, in whatever stage of life we are in.

First let’s enquire if there is such a thing as an algorithm of learning. Since there are so many methodologies, different personalities, and IQ definitions.

From a perception of vitality / energy, there is.

We as complex animals, consuming energy and use it to sustain and maintain living. In addition to simply live,  we use energy to do things we need/want to do wherever we are.

When we are in a learning mode (formal or nonformal) here are the stages:

  1. We need to clear the desktop of our minds to:

  2. Observe with attention, new data streaming in from our senses.

  3. Formulate objects in the minds using thoughts, visualization and imagery.

  4. Retrieve from memory items, concepts and experience that are associated to the objects we generated.

  5. Have an awareness and realization of the new component of knowledge that was added to the knowledgebase we already had.

  6. Store the new learning segment in the right "tagged drawer" in our memory as part of  understanding the process.

  7. Use the integrated knowledge for further learning and actions.           

The above process runs smoothly if you create a clear space and and dedicated time. Yet, there are two things that may distract the process: non attentiveness and leak of energy (or weak energy).

What if there is a real emergency? (Weather, war, earthquake) in a survival mode of FFF (fight, flight freeze) Attention will be oriented to find a quick solution to escape a potential threat.

The challenge is that we may imagine being in survival mode.  In such case, non-balanced inner conditions between the physical, mental, and  emotional, may all of the sudden, drain energy and waste vitality on  imagining negative dramas. Worrying and stress, lead to insomnia and anxiety which fog our minds and damages optimal learning processes.


Important additional inner conditions to empower vitality and attentiveness:


No matter who you are, what you learn and when, make sure you:

  1. keep your energy / vitality high, (healthy food, good night sleep,)

  2. Find a space with silence with no external noises.

  3. Remove any inner conditions of stress, anxiety, insomnia and pain, daily

  4. Adopt positive habits of balance between rest, exercise and attention.




Vibroacoustic Therapy mats, pillows and Sound bath weighed bag / blanket could be a great tool to reset-reboot-recharge bodymind for children, students or adults.

The sonic harmonic inner body massage, works on mental, emotional and physical systems simultaneously and it optimizes the usage of vitality. The process is very soothing, gentle and pleasant. You feel as if you had a good nap on demand. After 23 minutes, your mind is fresher and the senses are sharper.

The beauty of Vibroacoustic therapy is that is beneficial for children and adults with special needs as well as people with chronic diseases.


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