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How Do You Rate Your Self Confidence ? 

Let’s talk about self-confidence. Sometimes we use terms and concepts in our vocabulary and expressions, yet, don’t really realize what they truly mean.


What is self-confidence? * Ask yourself…


My definition: The multilevel and integrated self-image perception of how we view ourselves via mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems as we interact with others.


Let’s take the two extreme situations:

We may be arrogant, over confident, egocentric, believe we hold the truth in our pockets, talk more, listen less, judgmental, have no patience for people that do not agree with us and adopt an attitude of “I know it all” approach.

Alternatively, we may be – fearful, doubtful, shy, non-expressive, non-communicative, stressed.

When we interact with others, the first impression about the people with whom we exchange messages with, has to do with our assessing his/her self-confidence and how it affects ours.  S/he does the same. Sometimes it is done unconsciously yet, it effects our attention, expressions and motivation to continue the dialogue.

Life is dynamic and usually we tend to be in between the two extremes.

I am quiet confident to say  that that our self-confidence may grow in the following situations: 

When we accumulate experience, skills and knowledge in a certain area.

When we feel good in our physical body.

When we are with harmonious people and non-judgmental.

When we manifest our creativity and talents and receive good reviews and good feedback.

When we have money from things we have achieved (workplace, entrepreneurship)

When we are loving and being loved.

When we follow our values and there is coherence between ideas, thoughts, verbal expression and actions.

Each one of the points above may seem like a huge project to gain for individuals that feels less confidant in themselves, however the following attitudes, habits and approaches to life could be very helpful to do the first step forward:

  1. Fake it until you make it, believe it to achieve it. Have you noticed that when you smile people smile back at you? Rehearse and act with self-confidence and people will start resonating positively to your energies

 2. Take walk in nature daily. Have gratitude to all there is. If you breathe in

     deeply, you breathe in good health and happiness. Breathe out fear           and insecurity.

 3. While you walk in nature, play a game of affirmations out loud with

     each letter of the alphabet. Example:

          I am

  1. aligned

  2. beautiful, better, blessed

  3. clever, compassioned, conscious, communicative

  4. determent, delightful,

  5. evolving, enlightened

  6. funny, fabulous, forgiving

  7. great, gorgeous, grateful

  8. harmonic, healed, happy

  9. Insightful, intuitive, infinite

  10. Joyful

  11. Knowledgeable, kind

  12. Loving, longtime living

  13. Money maker, mindful

  14. Nice

  15. Open minded

  16. Powerful, proactive, purposed, prosperous, passionate

  17. Qualified, quality

  18. Rejuvenated, recuperated, resilient

  19. Smart, successful, sublime, self confidant

  20. Timeless, thankful

  21. uniting  

  22. victorious

  23. wonderful, wealthy

  24. xoxo (kiss, kiss)

  25. young

  26. zeal                                                                                                                       

  • Get connected to your spiritual side. Spirituality is not religion. Spirituality is being inspired by people, places, art , animals which recharges you with vitality and gives you hope and a belief that the universe and the world may be Eden on earth.

  • Laugh, laugh laugh – it doesn’t matter if you tell a joke, or laugh at a joke you read or hear from someone else.  Laugh not only helps to reduce tension, but it creates a joyful detachment from taking ourselves too seriously. It brings playfulness into our lives and enables flexibility and light thinking 

  • Create and get connected to your inner home in your heart. We are complex creatures driven by our biologic systems and by our thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and our belief systems. Our heart is the conductor of the symphony of our beings. We need to attune our inner systems to be harmonic and reduce stress and noise. You can easily do this daily with our vibroacoustic therapy equipment.

be well and confident :)

Avigail Berg


Confident Portrait
Young Driver
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