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What is energy healing and why I’ve decided to manufacture vibroacoustic therapy equipment. (Personal story)

What is energy healing

Many of you that know me personally, or read my profile, don’t know that I am an energy healer in addition to being the owner of TheSoundWell.

Let’s zoom in into what is energy healing and how it led me to manufacture vibroacoustic therapy.

My definition for energy healing: (which includes Acupuncture, Chi Kong, Tai chi, Reiki, EFT, Ayurveda, Vibroacoustic Therapy):

The process of optimizing  energy flows in the inner systems to enable vitality -sustain, maintain and expand life’s capacity. Energy Healing is a delicate, yet a powerful quantum bio-physio-psycho-spiritual interactions that enable 10 trillion cells in our bodies  to work in most effective way and communicate with other cells in the  best harmonic way to benefit vividity of the whole organism.

Physical systems, mental systems and spiritual energy

Inner systems are not solely – the physical body systems western and eastern medicine have a consensus on (respiratory, nervous, digestion, skeleton, urine, reproduction, brain and so on..) but also the “software” mental & emotional systems such as thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and belief systems.

From a quantum energy healing perception, everything is connected. I often call is the BIG Spaghetti, because we never really know what triggers what in the interrelation between subsystems.  For instance, when you say:” he had a broken heart because she left him…” and then that guy had a heart attack – this example of connectivity between the emotional and the physical is more and more accepted in mainstream medicine.  Or, when we have tears in our eyes (physical ) because we watch a sad movie or romantic sentimental movie(emotional), we take is as natural and obvious. However these examples show the interconnectivity between the physical, mental and emotional in our internal complex  electrochemical  lab.

What about exploring  the connection between the power of belief system on the electrochemical laboratory of bodymind:

Placebo effects Phenomena:

Placebo is a fake medical procedure /treatment (pills, infused faked medicine, surgical procedure) which is used as an indicator to check the results of comparison between a group study of a new drug/ procedure to those who have taken the placebo. (In such  case, people do not know if they have gotten the placebo or the real new drug).

The interesting observation is the fact of the phenomena of Placebo by itself. You realize that the belief system in many cases – activates inner electrochemical and hormones reactions which lead to heal the body.


The power of thoughts, emotions, imagery and visualization on immune system

Psychoneuroimmunology – is the multidisciplinary process which shows how immune system can be empowered or weakens depends what content you feed your mind with.

What does a energy healer do:

A energy healer serves as a conductor and  a calibration tool of energy in the bodymindspirit. S/he feels/sees where there is lacks of energy and fills in what’s missing into a body part, and takes out overflow of energy where it is stuck.   In a way, a energy healer serves as a quantum subtle plumber.  A energy healer gets into a  new level of perception of reality beyond the five senses. Some feel energy very tangible as touching with their palms. Others, “see more…”


My personal story of healing:

Since I was young, I’ve always asked the  question: “what are we doing here?”

I read J Krishnamurti and Prof David Bohm which both led me to self-exploration and turning my mental and physical systems to self bodymindspirit laboratory of how to expand perception beyond the limited thought system.

At the age of 36, I was in an intersection in my personal life and got divorced. I went to a parapsychologist that was channeling an energy entity called SHET. She got herself into alternative perception and asked me to ask her questions while she was communicating SHET and channeling answers in automatic writing to her computer. As I was sitting in another room waiting for her answers, I decided to call SHET as well. At that time, I had a very short hair. I called SHET several times and suddenly, felt my head lifted up as if someone grabbed it forcefully. I was so shocked and surprised by this phenomenon, and was just observing myself. When she came to the room with her printed answers, I was not focusing on the answers… I only asked her if she was hypnotizing me. She said – NO!

When I got home, I was meditating and called SHET again. And again, my head was lifted all of the sudden.

For years, I met many people which I call – gifted with high perception. They all taught me something about myself.

One of them wrote a book about The Angel REFAEL which is the angel of healing. When I met him, I felt energy streaming into me. Again, surprisingly, I got myself into a channeling healing mode, and did healing on him. That was the first time that I learned from my actions to remove stuck energy from body part and add energy where a body part was lacking it. I brought in energy from energy containers in the room  such as plants, pictures, books or another person.  

I did a lot of exploration on this phenomenon: feeling, adding and removing energy. It took a lot of observations and feedback for people I balanced to gain self confidence about this process. I needed to verify  that  its not only in my head and that I am really helping people by reducing pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Energy Healing, is I part of who I am. I feel energies of people, animals, plants and physical places.

One of the channelers I went to explore told me: “you are a healer. You can heal one on one like changing a bulb in a room, but you have the capacity to change vibrations in many people” – That was 20 years ago.


Why I decided to manufacture Vibroacoustic therapy equipment

When Olav Skille – the inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy from Norway, asked me to represent him in US, I asked him to send me a mat and his frequencies.

For many months I explored the impact of the frequencies on my bodymindspirit. I was thrilled by the idea that Vibroacoustic Therapy is in fact a tool which opens up stuck energy in  bodymind systems and enables to stream vitality in an optimized and harmonic way.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is not magic and does not replace medical diagnosis or treatment.

However, it is a generic wellness holistic and integrative therapeutic modality and self-care tool.

The different harmonic low sound frequencies that Olav Skille composed, in a way act as energetic first aid. It helps reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality in a soothing and effortless way.

It balances and optimizes the usage of energy and stops one from slipping into survival mode of FFF (fight, flight, freeze) which leads to chronic stress and elevate other chronic conditions.

Together with imagery and visualization, and some of our frequencies which lead to self-hypnosis, one may train the mind to improve inner conditions, replace bad habits with better habits, performance and self-healing.

Our whole-body mats, pillows and blankets, help humans, pets and horses boost wellness-health-wellbeing.

As a non - guru healer, I am a believer and   passionate about individuals to adopt a preventive, proactive and personalized self- care lifestyle.

With Vibroacoustic therapy product, people can reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily, which drains the immune system if it becomes chronic. Vibroacoustic Therapy may improve life quality to people with chronic diseases and special needs. Vibroacoustic Therapy helps to bounce back to dynamic balance of inner systems if you slide out of it temporarily, yet, it’s important to emphasize that in extreme situations, if pain doesn’t go away or other extreme out of normal conditions, go seek a mental or physical specialist.

Lastly, here is why I decided to manufacture Horsevib – blanket.

Few years ago, I visited my partner in Norway. She took me to a horse breeding farm and the owner showed how they are using the vibroacoustic therapy blanket on the horse. Though I had no experience with horses before, my healing side was gravitated to the horse. I was doing healing massage on him together with the blanket which streamed a low sound frequency to reduce stress. I surprisingly started to communicate with the horse  on a telepathic level. He was telling me that the female owner was very loving and caring, yet her husband was mean and nasty to him. I verified this information with the owner that was shocked by me realizing this knowledge.

I was so moved by this outstanding experience that I’ve decided to boost the  bond between wellness- health-wellbeing of horses as well.

BTW, unlike humans, there is no placebo effects with horses. Either they show  ease of stress, pain and anxiety  with their body language... or they don't.

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