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Do you manage pain or does it manage you?

Pain may drain your energy and makes you  slip into a negative spiral of depression, stress and insomnia. In addition, in the long run. it may weaken the immune system.

As you may know, there is a difference between acute pain, which serves as yellow or red light and hints the reasons for mal function of an organ, injury or illness, and chronic pain which appears as long-term condition as result of:

  • Past injuries or surgeries

  • Back problems

  • Migraines and other headaches

  • Arthritis

  • Nerve damage

  • Infections

  • Fibromyalgia, a condition in which people feel muscle pain throughout their bodies


Observing and tracking the pain process and what are the conditions it manifests, is essential to managing it and not letting it manage you.

You are the manager of your inner systems and your medical doctors and therapists  serve as your experts and consultants.

Don’t hesitate to get a second and third opinion until you trust the proffesional people you go to.

You must stay in the positive spiral of getting better, having hope, being in control of what is going on, and elevating your vitality.

How you address pain is crucial to increase the positive  bond of your wellness-health-wellbeing.

As you may know, we in TheSoundWell, combine a new proactive, preventive and personalized wellness approach with sonic ergonomic equipment.

Our approach is integrative, functional & holistic. Integrative and functional focus on proven ways to getting back to homeostasis and

dynamic balance. In addition, they are generic and synergetic with incorporating mainstream health approach together with alternative ways to boost the healing process.  Our holistic view is based on the perception that everything is connected – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. From a  quantum subtle observation, they all interact and influence each other.

Here few common-sense points of selfcare to empower the immune system with vitality and reduce pain:

  • Sleep 7 hours of high-quality sleep

  • Eat healthy food to nourish you 10 trillion cells

  • Move your body daily – even soft exercises in your bed or wheel chair will help blood circulation and  cell metabolism.

  • Reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily

  • Watch funny movies

  • Be in a loving physical and social atmosphere

  • Be playful

  • Be creative

  • Reduce pain in variety of ways and don’t rely only on inserting chemicals into your body

  • Adopt ways to distract pain

  • Lie on a Vibroacoustic Therapy equipment:

    • Our sonic harmonic ergonomic mats, and soundbath systems include various low sound frequencies that Olav Skille – The Nordic Inventor composed. He found the correlation between specific frequencies and reduction of low back pain, upper back pain, headache, insomnia and anxiety. Once you purchase a system you get a code to be trained online and you are entitled to a 3  hours of one on one zoom consultations.

    • People with disabilities and chronic conditions may ease pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety  and increase life quality.





Be well


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