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To be on the same page, let’s first read & observe what is anxiety and its many sides.

When anxiety kicks in with no conscious external reason, or if you are having an anxiety attack symptoms out of the blue, these are signs of unbalance.

Being UNBALANCED means that your physical, mental and emotional systems are not fined tuned. Realizing reality processes may bring about reactions or initiate behavior that do not usually suit the situation you are in.  It could harm communication, decision making, sleeping. It could elevate stress and depression.



Vibroacoustic therapy – resets, reboots and recharges vitality. In a way it optimizes the usage of energy.

As a complex multilevel bio machine, of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and subconscious dimensions, one needs to dynamically balance inner systems which interact and influence each other.

Let’s observe a stormy ocean.  In a stormy ocean, the mud goes up and pollutes the water. There is no clarity. This is exactly what happens when we are in a state of unbalanced and chaotic streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations and imaginary scenarios  that fuel stress, and activate anxiety symptoms.

Vibroacoustic therapy breaks the circuit and enable a new fresh rewiring of neurons similar to waking up after a good night sleep, or after a good nap. The negative conditioning reaction of bodymind, simply stops.


You lie on a vibroacoustic therapy mat or hug a vibroacoustic therapy pillow, select a single low sound frequency and… let go..

After few moments, your body gets into a meditative mode or self-hypnosis. You may fall asleep or  sink into serenity with no efforts.

Being aware  and attentive of the process going on inside of us, observing with attention whats going on  in inner systems and literally feeling it in our guts,  is a great experience of stillness on demand.

What happens in a still ocean? – water gets calmer and clearer. You may still see trash at the bottom, yet, it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying life and doing your daily activities in a sane mode and dynamically balanced mode.

Exercising vibroacoustic therapy daily, enables  recording this reset-reboot-recharge sensation and activate it anywhere, any place. This is positive conditioning of body and mind.


Background of Vibroacoustic Therapy:

Olav Skille (Norway /Finland) was playing his bass in front of disabled children when he noticed the positive impact of the low sound frequencies in children’s movement , reduction of deep tissue tension , reduction of mental, emotional  and physical stress and improved mood.

Skille explored the range of harmonic low sound frequencies compositions and found the correlation between specific frequencies  between 30hz-120hz which help reduce pain and stress in different parts of the body and other frequencies help reduce insomnia and anxiety.

Skille taught Avigail Berg-Panitz from TheSoundwell Vibro-Therapy the know-how of optimal usage of vibroacoustic therapy and how to create vibroacoustic Therapy equipment (mats, pillows, sonic harmonic pets and horse blankets)

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When you purchase a whole-body equipment, you get a code for an online training sessions.

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