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To take a nap or not, that is the question

Are you familiar with the following scenario:

You take your lunch break for 40 minutes. Then, you take your coffee to boost your energies, and go back to your personal space to continue the next half of your working day?

Yet, after few moments, you notice that your attentiveness gets out of control.  You jump from one thing to the other. You watch the news, answer emails in slow motion, you watch the watch while thinking about your upcoming missions waiting for you at home.

The pandemic completely mixed things up. If there was (at least a theoretically) a separation between working time and home private time prior to Covid 19 era, working from home confused everything.


From HR and Company’s Management team’s views, productivity and performance shifted from – how many hours you work, to – project management, and frequent evaluating performance.

Imagine you as an employee, who needs to accomplish a mission successfully, in a week.  You are part of a team which need to communicate and exchange data and information. How would you manage your time and how would you advice your colleagues to manage their time, in order to be productive, efficient and manifest your best performance? 


What are we getting to?

As a complex biological /Psychological Being (machine) your performance depended on your vitality and your attentiveness, (assuming you already have the skills to do your job)

So, how would you know how to run your day in the most productive way?

In addition, is it beneficial to take a nap? Will it help you or distract you?

The answer is – observe with attention your non attentiveness.

When you bounce between different activities which interferes being focused in the process of the project you are working on, take a proactive break to reset-reboot-recharge.

Do meditation, yoga, breathing, exercises.  The rationality behind this, is that after you take that proactive break, your mind will be fresh and you will have the energies to do the job the best you can, with high quality results.


Studies show the benefits of taking a nap* yet, there is a catch:


If you lie on your bed, or sofa, or recliner, yet, while your body is all tensed and  your mind is overwhelmed with chaotic thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, and negative imaginative scenarios, it will just be a waste of time.

You need to reset-reboot systems and recharge your energies so that after 30 minutes of clearing your head and calming your body, you will be focused like a laser, and be energized and motivated to go on with your assignment and accomplish your missions  with good performance and good results.


Why we advise to take a nap on a vibroacoustic therapy mat:

When you lie on a mat and stream one single low sound frequency, you right away, sense a soothing and gentle inner body massage which is felt as ticklish sonic waves rinsing you from within.

Sonic waves are not intended to be heard. We cherish silence.

It leads you into self-hypnosis state of mind which positively, impacts mental, emotional and physical systems.  Even if you are a type A person that likes to control all, it will bypass your thought system and make you sink into serenity and deep peace. All you need to do is let go.

After 23 minutes, you actually took a nap on demand with Sonic Harmonic sound bath experience.

Wash you face and you will feel delicate and gentle vitality which usually includes a better mood.

Emptying your mind and relaxing your body enable sharp senses with no stress.


Contact us today to learn more of how to take a nap of demand in effective, soothing  and effortless way with Vibroacoustic therapy equipment

* studies about taking a nap and silence:



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