Vibroacoustic therapy – the most meaningful gift you could ever give (and receive)

Giving a gift to significant people at work or in your personal life, is a special moment of expression of LOVE, RESPECT & APPRECIATION.


Treating yourself is an act of self-love.


My definition of love: - Creating space and inner conditions to manifest the best of who they (you) truly are, so that they (you) utilize inner aptitude and energy for optimal performance, joy, compassion, creativity, positive decision making and restore resilence of wellness-health-wellbeing.


What if you could give a valuable gift that would help balance bodymind daily, and also reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality in a soothing and effortless way?

We all know that accumulated stress, chronic insomnia, pain and anxiety, drain vitality, weaken the immune system, damage effective communication, and trigger "short fuse reactions".


Harmonizing, calibrating, attuning, adjusting the flow of vitality to all 10 trillion cells.

If you explore acupuncture (meridians – Chinese medicine), and chakras (Indian medicine) , tapping (EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)), and Reiki (Energy Healing), you will realize the concepts of healthy flow of energy to all body parts vs. stuck energy.

When you zoom-in, into 10 trillion cells, and you observe the interaction between them within a system and interrelation among systems, it’s amazing how the biological wisdom machine works. View your body as a pipelines of energy. If one of the pipes is blocked, one side may lack energy, while other side may have too much energy. – This unbalance is the gateway of an illness.


Western medicine as result of a new quantum biology paradigm, and multidisciplinary dialogue between medical cultures around the world, is more open to the acceptance that everything is connected and influence each other in our inner systems. By the end of the day, it has to do with oxygen and nutrition energy that are streamed and flow to all cells.


On quantum  levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual content affect the flow of energy in a positive or a negative way.



Vibroacoustic Therapy – invented by Olav Skille from Norway, is based on harmonic low sound frequencies, streamed in mats, pillows and blankets. We are 60% water. Sound travels through water better then air. Sonic waves literally vibrate harmonically every organ, tissues and cell. It positively   impacts mental, emotional and physical systems in parallel. It resets, reboots, and recharges vitality.


explore more in short videos:

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy

How does it work

The process

What is the impact on BodyMind?

Who can benefit?


When you purchase a vibroacoustic therapy gift you combine the functionality of acupuncture, charka balancing, EFT and Reiki.


Our products:

From small sonic harmonic pets, vibrating plate, backpack and more, Lowest price  $165 + shipping

To Whole body mats, sound massage tables, sound bath bag/blanket – staring from $899 + shipping

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Vibroacoustic therapy – is the most meaningful gift you could ever give (and receive)


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