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Homeostasis & Schumann Resonance

Covid19 shows us how everything is connected in a tangible way.

A virus pops up out of the blue in one location, and then, all the world is negatively impacted (health / economy).

Maybe we are not aware of it, but everything is connected to everything all the time. Every moment we breathe,  each time our eyes blink, and each time  our hearts beat, on a quantum level, there is non stop influence and interactions between the tiny components in the universe.

The weather influences our mood and health. living in urban places where there are not too many open spaces or green lungs, may negatively impact our wellness-health-wellbeing.

Man’s made pollutions: electromagnetic, water, air, noise – may take us out of balance.

You  zoom-in  even deeper level in your bodyminds, and realize that unaddressed mental, emotional and physical stress which we accumulate daily, will take us out of balance and generate chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety pain and depression. In addition, stress decreases performance at work. It damages relationship and weakens the immune system.

On a day-to-day basis, some things we cannot control such as air pollution. Yet, we could be more proactive in adopting green awareness  life style and balance our inner systems daily and not to wait until we are ill.

By the end of the day, we need to be able to bounce back to homeostasis to keep ourselves healthy.

Our biology’s wisdom and mechanism alert us in practical ways if we are in the range of dynamic balance and homeostasis or when to take action if we are not:

The body must maintain a relatively constant temperature. If it gets too hot, the body employs vasodilation to cool down. This dilates the blood vessels, allowing more heat to escape from them through the skin.

The body must regulate glucose levels to stay healthy. When glucose levels become too high, the body releases a hormone called insulin. When they become too low, the body converts the glycogen in the blood to glucose.

Toxins in the blood can disrupt the body's homeostasis. Thus, it signals the urinary system to ensure that the toxins are excreted.

Blood Pressure
The body must maintain healthy levels of blood pressure. To do so, the brain sends signals to the heart to speed up or slow down according to the blood pressure.

The lungs control the pH amount in the body. If pH levels become unbalanced, the lungs push more or less carbon dioxide out of the diaphragm. This can raise or lower pH levels in the body.


Our genetic blueprints set a profile of  our tendencies, however we need to be aware and be proactive in adopting preventive life style which includes healthy food, body movement, sleeping well and reducing mental, emotional and physical stress daily. We encourage to have healthy social life and manifesting talents and creativity as well.




Thanks to Stefan  Burns


SR is a background stationary electromagnetic noise that propagates in the cavity between the earth surface and the lower boundary of the ionosphere at altitudes of 45–50 km, in the frequency range between 5 and 50 Hz [3,14,2729]. The phenomenon was named after W.O. Schumann who first predicted and discussed it in 1950s [29]. Its peak intensity can be detected at ~8 Hz, along with its harmonics with lower intensity at 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 Hz due to frequency-related, ionospheric propagation loss [3,14,2729]. The peak SR frequencies undergo a moderate diurnal variation of approximately ± 0.5 Hz [29]. Interestingly, the first four SR modes happen to be within the frequency range of the first four EEG bands (i.e. delta 0.5–3.5 Hz, theta 4–7 Hz, alpha 8–13 Hz, and beta 14 to 30 Hz) [6].

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Could it be that there is Synchronization of Human Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms with Geomagnetic Activity in Human Subjects

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Our multifunctional SoundBath Bag / Weighed Blanket together with Schuman resonance family vibrations could be an added value to balance Bodymind and minimize the effects of external and internal out of balance triggers components.



TheSoundWell Vibro-therapy is happy to announce our new  patent pending SoundBath Bag / Weighed Blanket.

We provide as part of the system, two frequencies in the Schuman Resonance family harmonics.

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