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We are here to provide you with
information about the benefits
of doing soft exercises
  on a Vibroacoustic mat
Are you a yoga or , Feldenkrais  teacher,       a fitness training coach or  Physical / occupational  Therapist or  chiropractor?

Here are the benefits of stretching and other soft physical exercise on a Vibroacoustic Therapy VATMAT:

VATMAT is the multifunctional wellness mat for all family members, employees @ work, athletes, and is an  added value therapeutic modality, or a self-help tool to anybody who adopts proactive and preventive wellness lifestyle.

It may sound too good to be true, but once you try it, you will not want to share it!  VATMAT – a light thin Vibroacoustic Therapy Mat can be perceived as having  acupuncture treatment, inner body massage, yoga, and meditation all together in one session.

It opens stuck energy channels (meridians) and  If you know what is EFT – (emotional freedom techniques), Vibroacoustic therapy is functioning as if  you are doing a whole body tapping from within.  

Vibroacoustic therapy  process  is  very  easy to apply: After a short training, you choose the right frequency for you, lie on the mat, and… let go. You feel soothing inner body massage sensation; as if you hug yourself while harmonic, low sound waves rinse your bodymind from within. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions swing you into meditative state – with no efforts.

The above description is applied when you are mostly passive:  The vibroacoustic therapy mat does the physical and mental therapeutic process for you in your bio-psychological elements . It harmonizes and balances your systems and helps you reduce pain, stress, insomnia, and anxiety and boost vitality with no chemicals involved.

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What about physical exercises on the VATMAT?

It is universally accepted that insufficient stretching before moderate or vigorous exercise leads to increased incidences of muscular, ligament, or tendon injuries. This risk applies not only to seasoned athletes, but also to a larger scope of people including inexperienced or restarting athletes, older athletes, people who are recovering from injuries or surgery, and most especially those who are generally inflexible or are starting an exercise regimen for the first time.  For this greater number of people, strategies and techniques that can improve their flexibility and joint movement prior to or during exercising will lower the incidence of unnecessary injury, and perhaps increase their willingness to continue exercise.  Reducing liability risk from injury alone may make inclusion of injury-avoiding devices an essential component  of any exercise-based facility.          


We propose the use of a padded VATMAT fully permissive to stretching and “zero hard impact-type” exercises, that emits low-frequency acoustic energy. This energy shall improve blood flow to the muscles and improve joint flexibility, thus reducing the risk of exertion-based sprains and strains.


VATMAT likely works by low frequency sound waves triggering the activation of vibration-sensitive neurons in the peripheral nervous system.  Signals from these neurons inhibit the sympathetic nervous system and offset stress.  It has also been shown that VAT, through additional autonomic functions, improves blood flow through skeletal muscles, resulting in an increased intramuscular temperature. Those suffering from spastic cerebral palsy, as well as those rehabilitating from shoulder injuries, exhibit increased joint motion after undergoing VAT.

We believe that the increased intramuscular temperature, combined with improved range of joint motion will also occur with and benefit uninjured people stretching as they prepare for exercise or even as they perform mat-based exercises, because these effects should improve the efficiency and effectiveness of stretching and exercise performance.        


Who can benefit from adding VATMATpractically – every one! Individuals, families (including families whose one or more  members are with special needs), businesses, spas,  and mainstream and complementary therapists and physicians.

Soft exercises on the mat can be beneficial to:

People with chronic diseases and disabilities

Families and people in winter and cold weather

Children and students

People after surgeries and injuries.

Women after delivery

We define VATMAT as an integrative wellness platform that can be applied as a standalone therapy or self-help tool , or combined with any other therapeutic modality.  

Because it harmonizes and balances body and mind systems and reduce chaotic negative and stressful mindsets, and physical tension, it  may help applying better  outcome of psychotherapy including CBT and physical exercises and manipulations.

You are welcome to learn more about integrating Vibroacoustic Therapy in your  private and professional life .

we will be happy to provide with more information of how to adopt Vibroacoustic Therapy with what you do

imagine gentle waves of low sound frequencies
rinsing you from within.

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Under the personal guidance and supervision of  Olav Skille, together with Step One Foundation for Child & Youth Welfare , Mr Anjan K. Basu was conducting a research project on" Effectiveness of Vibro-Acoustic Therapy in India" at the Step One center. Olav Skille visited Kolkata and  supervised setting up the unit using locally available equipment,  and initiating the research. In the first part of the video Olav Skille explains the basic components of a VAT system. He is then guiding a medical doctor and the mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy how to use VAT in improving motor functions in the child.
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