From a pragmatic yet philosophical perspective, I hope you would agree, that none of us is perfect, and we all make mistakes in being non sensitive to our romantic partner.  The question is – is there a winning formula for a successful romantic relationship?

I hope that you would agree that if you are with a person that sucks your energies, and doesn’t provide you with the inner conditions to be who you truly are, then, make a change!!!









So, the next question for honest and self-aware people is – how do I truly know who I am?

And my answer is, it’s your life journey to find out. And, it’s never too late.

Leave anything you are doing at the moment, go to the bathroom or where you have a large mirror look into your eyes for few minutes. Smile and kiss yourself say out loud – hi beautiful, it’s nice to meet you , I will make sure you are happy for the rest of your life.

Start a journal in a notebook or computer and the header will be : Hello Me – let’s discover who am I (or whatever header that resonates with you)

Everyday that is here is alive in the now and then disappears.

So, if you are not happy, more of the same is an illusion of stability in which you are paying the price for the alternative – being in joy = enjoy.

Let’s get back to who you are.

I consider myself as a pragmatic philosopher and down to earth spiritual life coach    

So, in order for you to learn what is your true essence you need to ask yourself:

What makes me passionate, motivated, creative, joyful, loving, calm yet vital, curious, playful, attracting / attracted.

You can look at it also from the negative conditions – “I will not be in an environment which is abusive, non creative , non loving, stressful …”


Sometimes it take years of awareness to realize that you will not receive a medal of good behavior for compromising and staying in a bad relationship.

Don’t be hard on yourself. It takes self-confidence and self-awareness.  The right  time if and when is personal.

The next questions which follow: how do I know that I will be in a better relationship in the future? How do I meet my soul mate? is there only one soulmate?

Let’s unpack these questions:

The more aware you are to your needs, to your personality, to your self-evolvement, to your right to be happy, the more you will create tools to realize who is a good fit for you and who isn’t. your indicator is this important self-observation:

What and who makes me passionate, motivated, creative, joyful, loving, calm yet vital, curious, playful, attracting / attracted makes you feel vital, confident and beautiful.

Yes, nobody is perfect but its a matter of your values and priorities.

Your soul mate may be right around the corner of where you live, or in a far away land. The more you are open minded, flexible and unlimited, the more possibilities and opportunities will arrive your way.


What is a soulmate?

It’s a romantic partner that fit your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essence. It's when you both feel at home and in comfort in these dimensions. You feel harmony and no stress, and no fear to be the authentic you.

Adopt these parameters of  compatibility check:

  • Negative impact -

  • Positive impact +

  • Indifferent impact =






What you feel about him/her?

What you perceive s/he feels about you?

- - will not not even happen

- = may work for a while

- + may work for some time

+ = may work for a long time

++  BINGO soulmates



Is there only one soulmate? NO!!!

Yet,  If you found him/her… stop searching.

Happy Valentine's Day


Loving Couple
Sad on Couch