OverAll - 60 minuets of BodyMindSpirit attunement



Once A months, get yourself an OverAll treatment. OverAll is a Wellness on Demand Proactive & Preventive Personal Program.  


The goal:


Harmonize and balance your body systems (nervous, blood, muscles, bones, immune systems…) and your mind systems (thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, dreams and imagination). Attune them to a dynamic homeostasis of happiness, wellness and good health. Create inner space of silence as your internal  home, and finally, connect your spiritual dimension to your bodymind and have Wisdom of Wellness on Demand.


The process:

·         15 minutes of introduction and getting to know who you are, and what are your challenges.


·         60 minutes of vibroacoustic therapy in which low sound frequencies waves gently hug you from within.   


The first 15 minutes – I guide you into an inward journey – to visualize and reduce stress and pain in your inner organs.

In the second 15 minutes, I will give you a soft gentle body massage to relieve muscles tension.

In the third 15 minutes, I will guide you how to create your Inner Silent Serenity Space

In the fourth 15 minutes, you will just enjoy deep calmness while I do energy healing on your bodymind , balance bodymind energies and connect it to your spiritual essence.


·         15 of wrap up of your experience and tips how to keep good health, wellness and positive attitude.


You are welcome to offer OverAll treatment as a gift to friends and family.


Contact me and i will send you a gift card