Are you a body? a BodyMind? a BodyMindSpirit


Lets discover this together. "What you believe, -  is what you get "!. If you answer "I dont know" thats a good start.


If you are open minded to explore your being, that's a good start.


if you question and want to investigate the layers of your essence, that's a good start.


                  who are you? really?



Isn't  it time to know, before you departure from this plane,

what is  the multidimensional manifestation

of your being?


let's do it together!!!

This is a journey inward to reach outer space - SPIRIT - your infinite intelligent energy

which can get connected to your BodyMind when it is ready. 


When is it ready? 

When you create an empty space to fill /feel it in. 

From the minute, we are born…


From the minute we are born, we have a bag on your backs.

We fill it with joy and sadness, good experience and bad ones…

As we grow the bag gets heavier and heavier.

We fill it with material assets and dreams and money and wishes and disappointments, and a car and furniture and a house and love and children.


We –are all temporary here and then after the average of 85 – we  all dis-appear.

We the ugly and the beautiful,

The smart and the foolish,

The Professor in the university and the guy in the jungle,

The respectful leader and the regular man,

The powerful executive and the garbage collector,

The admired politician and simple citizens.


What is left, is the bag. That eventually will “go with the wind” as well.



Unless we write our life story of love and creativity and upload it to the clouds forever.



Let me help you b4ever. 

contact me to learn how i can guide you in writing the story of your life and upload a life journey story forever.


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I4ever - U4ever Project:

Create you life journal journey, and upload it to the clouds forever.