HEALING is the process of  balancing  your energies. Remove overload stuck energies and add energies where you lack them. Healing enable your immune system and vital natural inner power get back to good health and wellbeing.

You are a complex organism  

we are composed of biological systems (blood, nervous, muscles, bones, immune, lymph ...) and mind systems (thoughts, emotions, imagination, dreams and memories) The body and mind systems, interact nonstop and influence each other.


In order to live in a dynamic homeostasis  harmonious and healthy life, we need to balance and attune  all subsystems.


In the same way, that the conductor harmonizes the orchestra . The healer harmonizes your subsystems.




I will provide you with tools to sustain the healing process in you.

The art of living in a healthy mode, is being sensitive to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and support them in your life style and belief system.


The process of healing

You lie down. Lay your body parts with awareness and and relax them.

Breathe deeply.

Close your eyes and let me do the balancing process.


I'm gifted in perceiving energies in your bodymind. 

I have the ability to remove stuck energies and add them when/where they are needed.

I reveal healing energies is physical spaces, plants, crystals, pictures, people and objects in the environment im in.




I will teach you how to do self healing

Healing is a natural capability. I will train you how to do self healing.