Inner Body Massage with Harmonic Low Sound Frequencies


imagine you had a special mat that  hugs you from within?

imagine delicate harmonic waves gently swing your cells...


Feel inner body massage


Feel inner  tickling soothing sensation.


Perceive reality beyond words.


VAT dynamically balances  & synchronises your body systems (blood, nervous, muscles, skeleton)

with your mind systems (thoughts, emotions, sensations, dreams, imagination, memory).


VAT clears the desktop of your mind, to enable exploration of fresh new input before thoughts; memories and experience, “paint” and are merged into your perception process. 


VAT is your attunement tool to harmonize your being and create space for spirit to take action. 


VAT reduces pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety, boost vitality and mind clarity with no chemicals involved.



Vibroacoustick Therapy is a wellness low sound frequencies platform from Nordic countries. The therapy is integrated  with main stream healthcare, with physical therapy, psychotherapy and holistic alternative modalities.























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