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Prettify the space in your workplace - it will bring financial miracles
When you open the door in your home, what is your first impression? Are you inspired and happy? or, do you feel heaviness in the air?
The Energy in your physical space consists of the vibrations of  objects, people, plants, furniture and general design.
We all get used to the place we stay most of the day. WE have blind-spots of perception and don't see/feel the mess of non harmonic /non balance energies. 
Sometimes its worth asking your employees  / partners how they would improve the look and feel of your space.  You wouldn't believe how moods, good feeling, passion and motivation could result of a new design and new ways to prettify you space.
Here are some ideas:
- have empty spaces
- let natural light come in
- make sure there is good circulation of air
- is your dining room clean and fun to be in?
- how is your conference room - is it inviting and inspiring?
- do you have a SilentSoudnSpace to recharge vitality and reduce stress?
- how are the personal spaces?
Let us help you prettify and beautify your space:
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