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reduce stress with vibroacoustic therapy
Hi, I'm Avigail Berg-Panitz,
The founder of TheSoundWell Corp and the fresh wellness perception @home & @work:
Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness
We minimize the gap between therapeutic modalities and self help tools.
In our view, every individual should find his/her way to activate wellness on demand and every space holder and business leader should offer the best wellness conditions to employees, partners and customers.
We invite you to explore more about our workshops, coaching and tools
to drive life and enjoy the journey.
- 8 things to implement wellness@work
- 5 things to activate "wellness on demand" for individuals
- General about wellness - workshops & ideas
- Special gifts to special people in special events
- Vibroacoustic Therapy: the easiest, most effective and friendliest way to reduce mental, physical and emotional stress daily: mats and pillows - stream low sound frequency and,let go...
- Create SilentSoudnSpace - to recharge vitality and reduce stress

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