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Multidisciplinary dialogue is the key to problem solving, innovation and creativity

Last night I had a dream;

I saw a group of people pushing a huge rock that was part of a wall in a cave. After long efforts, the rock was pushed out, and blue sky with bright sunlight shined in.

I usually don’t analyze my dreams, but this particular dream came when I was thinking about the beauty of a multidisciplinary dialogue.

When you have Multi-Minds of a variety of people from different backgrounds, genders, cultures, religions, skills, and statuses it becomes a micro cosmos of humanity, a mosaic of flavors and views. It becomes a real-time life lab of interpretation of reality.

There is a beauty of people manifesting their beliefs, their opinions and approaches in a free dialogue. You may have been an A student in college, yet in the school of life, you are still searching for your identity. Western education and science, like to classify and tag variations so that the minds will have the sense of order and control. Yet, the mystery of life derives from layers and layers of manifestation of the details and complex of items, that together, generate new quality of things.

Isn’t this the school of awareness?

As if we are building together a big puzzle and each one of us is an essential part in creating the bigger picture?

The challenge with a multidisciplinary dialogue, is our limited minds.

Someone is saying something, and he didn’t even finish his sentence, and you take a word of what he said as a keyword to retrieve an experience you had in the past, which is stored in your memory… at this very moment – you are in your mind inner story – and lost his message.

Did you intend to do this???


But this is the default of our mind streams of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and our beliefs.

How can we keep the attentiveness of what’s going on and not be driven by the flow of our mind clouds that cloud our minds?

Can we do something about these mind clouds (which happen to all of us, no matter who we are, where we live and what we do?)

How can we minimize these mind streams, which consume a lot of our vitality /energy and optimize their resources for creativity, innovation and solve problems as a result of Multi-Mind Multidisciplinary dialogue?

Let’s say we ask ourselves :” yes the stories we tell ourselves drain our vitality, what shall we do?"


How do we create empty space and utilize the energy that we saved for effective listening and learn things from a fresh state of minds?

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I have some more  ideas... If you would like to know, ask me...

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