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Excellence in Performance
Creativity & innovation
The mystery behind excellence and motivation

There are many theories about the right conditions for excellence and motivation at work.

What are the components that make one perform, a highly quality job and be driven from within?

It’s not enough to match the right skills to role’s requirements. It’s not enough to give high money incentives. It has to do with integrative holistic teamwork and effective clear, conscious culture communication, actions and operations.


Here are C10 to take in mind and implement:

Capacity – make sure that when you approach others – you are in the mode/mood that manifest vitality, self-confidence, and leader’s know-how, to light up and energize others (employees, partners, clients, prospects) with what you offer.

Consciousness – make sure you are convinced from deep inside that you provide the best products/solutions and you are passionate about the unique proposition of your business.

Creativity- whatever you do or say, add creativity that touches mind and heart, as magic, to enhance effective communication.

Collaboration – remember that teamwork create bonds and trust.

Consistency – roll your main pitch together with diversified creativity, repeatedly. It takes time for people to digest your messages and accept your ideas  as added value things they need to have.

Coherence: there is oneness in  spoken and intuitive  psychological, mental / emotional and spiritual perception that you deliver a unique high quality proposition about your business’s essence. You are expert in your field; you propose the best products/solutions/services and you can personalize them to your customers’ needs.

Calmness:   make sure your company’s culture’s values and people add calmness to the atmosphere. Remember – the opposite of calmness is STRESS. You don’t want to send stress signals verbally, mentally, emotionally or physically.

Coexistence: your employees, partners, clients, and prospects, are not identical to you. There is a common ground of trust, yet variation and pluralism should be accepted and respected.

Comprehension: We never see the whole picture. Therefore, we should adopt ongoing dialogue with employees, partners, clients, and prospects. Once we understand their needs, their source of motivation and inspiration we can better personalize our business solutions for them.

Compassion: if you wonder how a culture of compassion may grow your business, again, it has to do with giving and getting attention, trust, effective communication and creating great atmosphere of positive emotions & uplifting feeling  for colleagues and business mates. 

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