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Why do you think we are here?

Seriously, there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe. This number is likely to increase to about 200 billion as telescope technology improves.

In this huge number which our minds cannot really grasp, there is a tiny planet which its size is like a dust  particle in the air.

We are very very little creatures, living with  our huge egos saying “I “ mine, myself”, in this tiny planet.

So what exactly are we doing here?

There are several scientific, religious and philosophical theories..

Here is mine:

We are images in a computer game which is called – SCHOOL OF AWARENESS. Earth is a real-time lab.

In a way, it’s similar to  children’s game ladders and snakes – the more aware and reveal the operating system of our beings, we climb, the more we are conditioned and like robots, following other blindly, we fall.

One of the features we need to explore and manifest is our creative path and fields of implementation.


Nobody can do this for us.




Parents may pay their child’s piano lessons, yet it takes passion, motivation, inner drive, and joy to activate our creative side. Born talented and genetic tendencies, are a good start, yet creativity is a state of BodyMindSpirit vitality.

To be creative you don’t need audience or be recognized. To be creative is to grasp from within the meaning and joy of implementing your unique singularity in a new composition harmonic way.


A chef that plans to create a new soup, a carpenter that builds a new sofa, a painter, a singer, a doctor… 

Creativity is the art of shaping something with your BodyMindSpirit attention &  intention, inner wisdom, quality of beauty  and the satisfaction of the act of forming new composition. Creativity  echos uniqueness and energy which combines thoughts, emotions, sensations, imagination and insights.

Creativity is embedded in all of us. Yet, not everyone gives it

priority in their life because we are educated to perform and

execute things by standards of resources of money, time and skills and not by the added value of manifesting personal creativity which includes  self-observation and exploration of Integrity, authenticity and coherence.

Someone asked me – what are the conditions to manifest creativity?

And I say – find your unique path, this is part of your lesson in the school of awareness game. Explore the operating system of your being.

I would say one thing, though:  in stressful situations, we (humans) act from conditions of survival (f+fff) fear  , fight, flight, freeze… we build negative scenarios in our minds that fuel more stress, and lead to insomnia and anxiety. WE may be with sharpened senses, yet the interpretations of the situations we are in, are usually dark  and conditioned to automatic subroutines that are prepared for actions of survival.

In my view, these are not ideal conditions to manifest creativity. That is why, my suggestion is – reduce overwhelmed stressful mind before being inspired by insights that compose the mosaic ingredients to activate inside-out creativity.

If you are a company leader, perceive your company not only as a product /services money generator but as an incubator playground of creativity &innovation for your employees. This way, both sides will benefit: Your company may benefits from new innovative ways to solve problems, new products and better services. The employees will enjoy recognition, respect and attention to their personal creative side.

Ideas for creativity@work:
* Happy Hour for Creativity
* Solve Problems and innovate  in a multidisciplinary dialogue
individual and personal exploration:
*change life management
* Write the story of your life journey and upload it to teh clouds forever
* explore the operating system of your being
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