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“conscious eating, changed my life. I break my daily hours

into meals, snacks, drinking health, body movement- such walking meditation in nature and positive things i do, such as creativity & meeting loving and inspiring people ”

What you eat is who you are!

Next time you eat, look at it. In few moments it will be PART OF YOU.

Observe what you put into your mouth.

Is it clean and fresh?

Do you know about the ingredients?

BY the end of the day, your digestive system will break it down to minerals,vitamins - yummy food for your cells and other things that didn't have to go into your system in the first place.

Treat your body as a temple. Whatever you put in effect your health, your mood and your behavior.



Adopt - meditation preparation and conscious eating

Food preparation is a meditative process:

- choose what you need

- Wash and and make sure its usage date is safe.

- Make sure spices, sauces and oil are the best quality.

- Eat slowly

- Enjoy the flavors

- Have tiny quantities

- Breathe deeply

- Talk less, sense more

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