Wellness & WellBeing  Coaching

Life is a game of awareness and is in a constant change. Every moment our eyes blink, each heartbeat, every breath we take, things change in us. Things change in the external world as well. We don’t always realize changes even though they may have an impact us.

Sometime, things may develop slowly, unnoticed at first. At some point, they may speed up, and manifest out of the blue.

Sometimes we initiate the change. Other times, we respond to change that are imposed on us.

In my wellness-well being coaching, I use self- help tools and generic, holistic and integrative balancing therapeutic modalities to facilitate - driving life while enjoying the journey.

We will dialogue to explore and realize, your passion, drive and motivation to drive life and we will identify problems that cloud the mind and limit resources to move forward.

I am a non-guru coach 

There are several life coach approaches out there, yet in general they can be divided into two groups: those that tell you that they know how to make your life better, and those that say:” we are in this together to explore the best ways that fit your being, to dynamically balance your inner systems. Once you balance your inner systems you will have enough vitality and a clearer mind to solve problems and find ways to overcome obstacles.


We all live in bodymind clouds

On a day to day basis, we forget to remind ourselves that the reality we perceive is limited to the input data we accumulate and integrate from our senses, together with the stories we tell ourselves as result of previous experience, imaginative scenarios and “painted” by our belief system.   

Many of us think we hold the truth in our pockets and that the reality we view, is THE TRUE REALITY.

The challenge is to minimize the automatic clouds that stream in our heads as non-stop thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and beliefs which shadow clear and fresh perception.

Dynamic BodyMind Balance

The more we keep our   bodymindspirit systems dynamically balanced, the more vitality /energy we have, to keep a clear and fresh mind, improve performance, execute our plans in a rational way , communicate effectively, have tolerance to different people,  and manifest our creativity and love.

Dynamic BodyMind Balance is achieved by the following goals:

  1. High quality sleep

  2. Body Movement

  3. Reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily

  4. Eat health food to nurture your cells

  5. Explore and manifest creativity & love

  6. Life change management plans


The self- help tools and therapeutic modalities we use in wellness-well-being coaching:

Vibroacoustic Therapy – harmonic low sound frequencies inner body massage which is effective to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality



Energy Healing

Creative and expressive writing



Body Movement

Self- exploration, self-observation, self-lab

Personal Project management


By the end of the day, we all want to be healthy, happy, appreciated, loved, respected, valued and enjoy our journey.

Sometimes we change our minds. Sometimes the people that drive  together with us, leave us or we leave them. Sometimes we relocate to another country or change our jobs to a completely different role we used to do. Sometimes our health or the health of our loved ones, drastically change.

Wellness-Wellbeing coaching will facilitate in helping you to get up, look around and start a new fresh way.  

Wellness-Wellbeing coaching can be viewed as a ladder.  It helps step up and view new ways you didn’t see before.

Disclaimer –

Our coaching does not replace medical health diagnosis or treatment.





About me - Avigail Berg-Panitz


Things I do:

I’m a wellness-well-being life coach, entrepreneur, a workshop producer, and facilitator. I’m holistic & integrative therapist, a healer, a writer.


My background:

Many years of experience in executive roles in the Israeli Hi-tech (business development, marketing manager, and business trainer) together with my holistic, therapeutic side, have led me to become a bridge between personal development, wellness – wellbeing and health.

I have MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University,

​Our new wellness paradigm includes 7p:

Proactive, Preventive, Personalized, Positive Passionate Purposed Perception of self management.

- we close the gap between therapeutic modalities and self-help tools.

I'm here to dialogue about the best paths that resonates

with you essence to drive life & enjoy the journey.


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