Imagination is a powerful tool. Its the simulator of the mind. It's the language to talk to your cells.


Imagination is the natural platform for applying  art, for creativity and innovation. With imagination you can forecast future scenarios. Imagination can help you remove bad habits and replace them with better habits. 


I will train you how to utilize imagination for self healing and creativity. 


I teach self guided imagery. We will dig into your memories and find positive experiences we can use as a base for new positive behavior and attitude. We can create positive scenarios so that you mind can embed them in subconsciousness and utilize them.


Remember to "raise a flag" in your mind when using imagination. Learn how to differentiate imagination from common reality when you "fly high in the sky" with fairy tales that do not match with humanity's common sense.


© 2019 avigail berg-panitz, healer, life coach, holistic integrative therapist.

Disclaimer: The solutions suggested here are wellness solutions and do not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. If you are suffering from chronic conditions consult your MD first.

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