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What Can I do For You


​In business development, I focus on your web presence:

  • I develop website for small business - on this platform - WIX 
  • I provide you with social network tools - specially Linkedin for marketing, sales, partnership & business development.
  • I provide you with tools of how to use the web for business intelligence.
  • Remember, your web presence is not always initiated by you. By working with me, we will turn YOU to become your own proactive PR and self branding consultant. 

In Personal development, I focus on your web presence and your well being:

  • I will build up a personal website based on your life story and resume. Depends on your goals, we will highlight your talents, personality and your know-how..
  • I will provide you tools of how to use Linkedin to find a new job, find new social partners and i will guide you how to use create  effective web presence to find a romantic mate- if that is your wish.
  • I will guide you how to write the story of your life over the web as an e-book.
  • I will guide you how to use the web as a coach for decision making.
  • We all have "blind spots " of perception in the image of how others view us. By special exercises of simulation we will target the people /  market sectors you want to impress and magnify the features they would like to see in you.
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