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There are many consultants out there that will provide you with a “to do list” of how to improve your appearance and expand your network.

The real question you should ask yourself- is : “what do I  want to achieve”.
You may find a way to have more than 2000 members, yet how do you evaluate their business added value to you?
If you are a consultant or a CEO of a small business. You need to have "a meeting with yourself" and decide in which direction you want to use Linkedin for your personal / business development.
If you work in a  medium size or large corporation, you probably have a company’s policy and instructions of how to become a business development ambassador of your company and how your employees will be ambassadors as well.


The art of messaging and communicating are  hidden rules to lean in or out-stand and be proactive, witty and collaborative in the market sector or companies you are interested in.

If you personally have a hidden agenda, for instance you are working in a company, but you are looking  for another job, you first need to design  the rules of your game and find the right stage to play in.
Being in the right groups and active in discussions as an initiator or a contributor, is very important to add people to your network.


Once you "caught them in your net", that’s nice , yet absolutely not enough!

Now the real serious game starts. What do you do with your network? How do you approach them? How did you tag them into sub groups of reference ? How do you personalize your messages?

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