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Services & Products

I will develop a website on this platform

Once you send me the content material, pictures and videos, in two days, I can develop and upload a website for you. - the cost $999  which includes  3 approval revisions and up to 5 pages website (  +two linked pages). 

I will send you a document that will guide you how to prepare the material. 

This platform is powerful for personal websites or small businesses. 

The platform itself is free if you agree to have WIX small advertising appear on your pages and not having a unique domain. To learn more visit 

Linkedin Guidance ,one on one, Skype or a workshop

I will guide you how to use Linkedin for business development, business intelligence,  finding business partners and finding a job. The fee is  $ 100 per hour - minimum 5 hours.

You will be given assignments for effective usage  and  implementation.

Being proactive in Linkedin, participating and initiating group discussions and creating a quality database is very effective to expand your business network.

Using the web as a coach for decision making in life change periods

What is constant in life if not CHANGE? Either we initiate it or it is imposed on us, life changes can challenge our thoughts, emotions and behavior. It can effect the people we care for and as result get back and influence our life. 

People react differently when they are surprised by changes (job, separation,health issues). 

What do you do when change strikes you?

Everybody uses the internet on a constant basis, yet I can train you how to use it as "humanity's knowledge-base.

Some people out there, have the same challenges as you do. When you search for information you can get diversified content. How do you gather data, information, knowledge and wisdom for your decision making?

Do you know what "rings the bell" for you? What triggers your motivation, passion and actions?

Changes are not necessarily negative. You can initiate and start a new business or personal development project or a trip around the world.

I charge $100 per hour for consultation - Minimum 5 hours (skype/web sessions)

I would be happy to guide you of how to use the web as your personal coach. In addition i will guide you if you wish, how to write your life story or  the life story of a family member and upload it for ever and ever.

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