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TheSoundWell, Wellness On Demand

Hello My name is Avigail Berg-Panitz, MA in Holistic Health

I’m a social entrepreneur, holistic and integrative therapist and a wellness expert and the owner of TheSoundWell, a company specializes in Vibroacoustic therapy - integrative low sound frequencies platforms originated in Nordic countries.  


Contact me to learn how to create a SilentSoundSpace to recharge vitality and reduce stress in your workplace, at home , in a rehab and on the go.


In addition, I will be happy to consult your company and propose  workshops and presentation to activate a new wellness paradigm where self - help tools and creativity are built in wellness@work


Learn how to establish a healthy, coherent business, with integrity, creativity and  harmony between employees’ joy and personal growth, and the growth of your business.

read more about Vibroacoustic Therapy:



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