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Olav Skille - The inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy write about music vs pure sonic wave


As I Google up «vibroacoustic therapy», I should be filled with happiness and joy. After all, I started to explore the ways to transmit low sound vibrations into our bodies, 30 years ago. I designed the first Vibroacoustic chair, and later together with Petri Lehikoinen and Tony Wigram (who had the world's first PhD in Vibroacoustic therapy, based largely on my database) I also had the first patent in US for VibroAcoustic therapy.  


My joy is filled with worry as I see many interpretations of VAT out there in the market.  


Some followers, download off-the-shelf software that create sound frequencies, blend them with music and call it VAT. They ought to call it VAM – Vibroacoustic Music. 


Maybe I did a mistake when I posted my first experiences on  the Internet. At first,I had to use frequency generators and music  in combination, - because I was interested in bringing scientific prestige to Music Therapy.   

I wanted to see if it was possible do develop a method that could be used in all continents and civilizations – only by using  elements presented in music. I tried to update my websites with new data, but it seems that my first data still are cited.  


My VAT was slowly developed in cooperation with the therapists and parents that followed my development.   


Now we use frequencies as a stand-alone therapy.   


Adding music muddles the predictability, because Music is culturally dependent. Frequencies are physical elements. They can evoke emotional reactions, but they are idiosyncratic reactions stemming from the organism which is treated with VAT. 


Therefore, many therapeutic systems claim that they are using VAT. Most of them are citing my early writings, and their information may be outdated. 




Let’s start with definition, and since I am the inventor of VAT I allow myself to be the authority of defining it: 


VAT is a low sound, deep tissue inner body massage, wherein a single, pumping, frequency in the range of 30Hz-120Hz is converted into vibrations via low frequency bass transducers ( or speakers) that are embedded in various furniture units such as chairs, beds, lounges, recliners as well as pillows,  ​cushions or other personalized devices. The process generates a whole inner body vibratory massage focused primarily on the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems, effecting organs, tissues and cells.  


VAT is felt as a deep soothing sensation of gentle patting / tapping waves from within.  

It is perceived as a combination of serenity and calmness together with recharging vitality.  


The sound furniture is of less importance, as the therapeutic force lies in my frequencies. Without them, the furniture is silent and worthless.  


Any combination of frequencies and music are called VAM –Vibroacoustic Music.  


The first question to be asked by a person or a therapist who wants to incorporate VAT as part of their life, is: “Is the problem local, or global?” 


Stress is a global problem that can be manifested in local discomfort. We can see manifestations in the neck and shoulder areas and as headaches or tensed muscles. The therapist starts with a frequency chosen from the frequency color chart. 


If you are pleased with what you got, let the patient have a full-length session, which lasts 23 minutes. Make sure that the volume of the amplifier is not too loud. Remember that you vibrate organs , tissues and cells. Therefore, handle yourself with care! 


On the other hand, If the answer is: “ I would like to have a VAT treatment as part of a treatment to decrease my use of pain killers , anti-stressor pills and drugs for insomnia” the answer is that you need to be guided by VAT therapist and your physician to use VAT as a means to reduce the use of drugs.”  


The 7 basic frequencies were chosen by me after many years of feedback from treating people with different acute or chronic symptoms. At  the beginning, I had no idea which of  frequencies may be effective. Colleagues and friends tested them and gave me feedback on positive or negative effects on their conditions, which eventually taught me that we could limit our experimentation to the use of 7 frequencies. 


In general, the frequencies, act as “silent jogging” as the effect on stress hormone secretion is similar to the hormonal effect of jogging. We are 70% water and sound travels four times faster through water than through air. VAT vibrations reach every cell and every molecule in our body. 


VAT can profoundly increase the quality of life to people with certain disabilities. Its spasm and cramps reduction  effect and its  increased blood circulation and the muscle massaging effect, may also  reduce joint movement problems in persons with rheumatic problems. 



Please view highlight of the positive impact of our frequencies on our mental and physical state: 









The unique frequency generator software I own, was developed as result of my knowledge of the mathematical foundation of harmony in music (based on Pythagorean harmony).  


Our organism is a complex system and the frequencies attune the subsystems harmonically.   

Just like in an orchestra, harmony is manifested when each instrument is tuned separately and all instruments are tuned to the chamber tone.   

The frequency solutions we have, were composed as result of several parameters in the software.  


It’s important to understand that just like the process of purchasing a computer system with hardware, software and guidance, a good VAT system depends on the hardware, the transducers, the physical space where the treatment takes place , the diagnosis to choose the right frequencies, which results in the whole treatment.  



Setting the right volume of the amplifier for instance, may be of great importance to the effectiveness and quality of the treatment  


A good VAT system and treatment can profoundly change the quality of life.  


Frequency composition is a science and art because the outcome will bring better health & wellness and more balanced harmonic life.  


My frequency compositions contain 16 different variables for a single tone. Frequencies and time parameters can be changed between 0 and 50 000. But I have limited my research to the two octaves between 30 and 120 Hz.  



To sum up, when you explore adding Vibroacoustic system to your personal or business life make sure of the following parameters:  


~ VAT equipment (amplifier and transducer) quality  

~ Vibroacoustic therapy frequencies  

~ Guidance  


We advise to have a SilentSoundSpace for a treatment, yet, if silence irritates you, you are welcome to add harmonic low volume music as a background to the treatment , in a separate audio system. Do not use earphones as part of the process.  


Olav Skille


**** explore the added value of taking a nap and Silence to humans Health. A SilentSoundSpace is the combination of the two on demand

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