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Move and Massage your body



Exercise and work out are essential to keep your health, wellness and well-being. The question is - how often do you move your body, where, and in what ways. Many people’s fitness is driven by the motivation to look and feel good. That’s good!,  what you should care for first though,  is movement as a mean to sustain good health.


How about adopting walking meditation? 




















How about intuitive dancing




How about massaging yourself?


Did you know that you can reach and massage 85% of your body?

People feel embarrassed to touch and massage their own body because of religious and cultural superstitions and prohibitions.

Hug yourself now! Lay your right palm on your left shoulder – how does it feel?


Learn to touch thyself

It will help blood circulation, remove pain and stress and help you sleep better.


View the following self-touch presentation


Special exercises to increase Brain-Mind

neurons rewiring and optimizing


for special needs children and adults, elderly, and people with chronic diseases.


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