Intuitive Dancing - inspiring way to workout


Go to YouTube

Search for "intuitive dancing":

Save links that resonance with you,  such as:


Now that you realized what this is all about, it’s time to choose the music you would love to accompany your intuitive dancing:

* start and end with soft  harmonic and calming music

Choose soft music:

Go to YouTube again and search for the following key words:

“nature music”


“harmonic meditation music:





Once you harmonized and “rinse your bodymindsprit”  with the soft loving music


*Get yourself into the second part - intuitive – tempo, disco music


Search  “dancing music” and select music that resonates with you:


 *last part – get back to harmonic calm music from and run more of the ones you chose.


Invest time and download links even to a word file and upload it to the clouds. You can write yourself an email with all the links divided into categories and run the music from your smartphone.


Where do you do your intuitive dancing?

  • As part of your walking meditation in the park

  • At work in your lunch break

  • At home with your family


How many times a week?

At least 3 times – if you are lazy

4 times a week – if you care for your health

7 days if you want to lose weight and be inspired.


move it!!