Hi, I invite you to talk with me about life ...


I am not a psychotherapist. Im a holistic & integrative wellness therapist, a healer, workshop facilitator and a pragmatic philosopher.


What does that mean?


My approach is

“Explore the operating system of your being. Balance your inner compass, so that you have the vitality to  pave your path ,

drive life, and enjoy the journey”


In a nutshell, here is my perception:


  • We, humans are limited. We cannot perceive reality AS IT IS because:

    • Our senses are limited by birth, and their capabilities to input data from the world, weaken as people get older.


    • We can not “grasp it all”. When we focus here, something happens there, that we don't notice…When we observe the big picture, something happens in the details' interactions, that may affect us, and we may not even notice...


    • Reality is dynamic and expanding nonstop. Every moment we blink our eyes, every moment we breathe, or our heart beats, reality changes.


    • Our belief system and our values (that are partly unconscious) drive our motivation, our focus and  fields of interests. We select items and objects  that support our beliefs. In a way, we are in a nonstop limited loop.


    • Thoughts, emotions, sensations,  imagination, dreams, beliefs and experiences, are bundled "conditioned mind clouds" encoded in our memories. They  “paint” our perception in realtime.


  • How shall we  make our life better:

    • Expand our perception – expand our reality bandwidth. - Explore and apply ways to realize reality beyond limited thought system.


    • Balance our BodyMind, to be confident that we can rely on our perception as our "inner compass" for judgement for decision making.


    • Manifest our creativity paths and implement them.


    • "Become a sun"- generate inner vitality and joy and shine on us and others from within.



~ Explore the operating system of your being. Nobody can really be you.

~ When you say :"I am "I want", make sure you are coherent, authentic and with integrity.

~ Remember you don’t hold the truth in your pocket. Therefore be tolerant and with compassion to carry out a multidisciplinary dialogue.

~ Everyone has the right to live in peace, dignity, security and have basic living conditions. 

~ Every place you choose to live, has its "rules of the game" - respect them or move.

~ Your path is where your wellbeing of joy, creativity, love and good health, manifests. There is more than one path you can be happy in.

~ Be a proactive wellness doer in your home, school, work, community, state humanity and earth.

~ Have a plan for change (either you initiate it, or it catches you by surprise). Make sure you have enough assets and resources to execute your plans.

~ Remember you drive your life, yet you are not the only driver on the roads of life.

~ People in your LIFE VEHICLE may change your routes and paths.

~ life is a school of awareness -  adopt flexibility, humor, compassion and  the mindset of an entrepreneur.  

~ Observe  what makes you passionate, with inner drive and motivation. These are the indicators that the field of doing, will generate vitality and attentiveness which are essential for learning and activating good performance.



Im here to listen and dialogue with you. I'm a facilitator that will help you clear Mind Clouds and help you balance BodyMind, get connected to your SPIRIT – your eternal wisdom, and fine-tune your inner compass so that you can navigate in your life paths

Drive life – Enjoy Your Journey





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