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Whether you are a company owner (startup of huge corporation), a library manager,

hospital executive, bank branch manager, a school principal or a parent, you are a space holder.

People – employees, partners, customers, potential customers, children and visitors whom you host in your space, expect (or more to say) – should expect certain wellness conditions.

What are wellness conditions?

Wellness conditions are personal, physical, psychological and social environment and atmosphere, which enable good health, well-being, joy, and growth.

Wellness is a concept that is commonly  used  in recent years, by corporations that benefit from reduction of health insurance they pay to their employees, when they ( employees),  participate in certain wellness programs. Most of the programs are based on: Annual Physical exam, fitness & nutrition.

However, many corporations that adopt a Conscious Corporations Culture apply a new approach to wellness:


Let’s define what is a Conscious Corporation Culture first and then, move on to understand the practicality of the new wellness approach: Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness

CONSCIOUS CORPORATIONS are companies that view their business entity as a living organism and their people, as living cells. This view is based on the notion that in order to have a continuous healthy business growth, management teams, need to take care of BodyMindSpirit of their employees. This perception is based on a win-win outcome:













When personal well-being is addressed, individuals are engaged to company’s values, culture, and products, and as result their motivation and passion  to be company’s ambassadors , develops- naturally. Money incentive is always welcome of course, yet, feeling at home- at work, and having a workplace that really cares for its people and also for their families, is a great asset to build strong loyalty, trust and motivation from within.


As human beings, no matter where we are located, where we work, or what we do for a living, we all want to be loved. We all want to be respected, appreciated, valued, and cherished for our uniqueness singularity contribution. Conscious Corporations Culture implement this approach.  


When we talk about Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness, we highlight the "Demand Wellness"  responsibility for space holders here. 

Here are 8 wellness conditions that you, as space holder leader, should positively consider to offer to people working under your roof:

  1. Eat healthy food that nourishes your cells to optimize sharp senses, good health, and clear reality perception.

    • Do you have a kitchen and a dining room in your space where people eat their lunch?

    • Is there a space for them to prepare their own BGS – BIG GIANT SALAD?

    • Do you provide vegetable, fruits and health snacks? Will you hang posters of healthy recipes and positive healthy eating habits?

    • Eat Smart & Right & be Light

  2. Rest / Sleep and recharge vitality

    • People spend  between 30-60 minutes for their lunch break. After lunch they are full and heavy. Their performance at work goes down dramatically even if they seem busy behind their computer screens. It’s not that they intend to fake it. It’s because they are overwhelmed and tired.

    • What if you add another half an hour for them to take a nap in a SilentSoudnSpace a room / hall with Vibroacoustic Therapy UnWindMe(* see links below) mat?

    • Harmonic low sound frequencies will attune and calibrate their inner systems. People  will shut down their phones, computers and “inhale silence”. After their low sound siesta, they will recharge vitality, sharpen their senses and be able to work positively, be more focused to their missions, and work in a product way the rest of the day.

  3. Reduce stress daily

    • Stress is triggered by external conditions and/or internal interpretations of what’s going on. Stress is mental, physical and emotion. If not reduced, it may become chronic and hard to handle. Stress’ siblings are fatigue, insomnia, pain, anxiety and depression.

    • Stress lowers immune system’s strength and is the gateway to serious illnesses when it becomes chronic. Eventually it leads to absent working days.

    • There are many ways to reduce stress, yet the easiest, most effective and friendliest is – Vibroacoustic Therapy.(* see links below)

    • Reduce Stress daily


  4. Move your body

    • We usually don’t think of it, but each and every regular body movement, vibrates our cells, help their metabolism and help detoxify poisonous particles from our bodies. People living in urban places, like to go to the gym to keep the body in good shape and to look and feel better. Yet, we space owner forgot the basic natural movement of walking and dancing…. We can offer walking meditation sessions, and intuitive dancing , Tai- Chi / Chi Kong / volleyball and other ways to trigger body movement as part of fun activities and teamwork.

    • Ways to move your body

  5. Improve performance in a personalized way – engage motivation & talent.

    • Whenever you want people to put in, what we call “the extra mile”, what do you do? It’s not only HR responsibility to match the role with the best skilled person. People need to feel good and be appreciated and not to fear manifesting their originality, talents and inner passion. How do you engage inner drive and motivation? How can you facilitate conditions in your space to improve performance as a personal intention task and not a fearful test one needs to pass in a competitive environment? What are the tailored and customized way to encourage climbing up in the ladder of excellence?

    • Do your employees love your space and are willing to give a hand and help in whatever they do, because your success is their success?

    • Check our conscious culture C10

  6. Create conditions for personal development, and evolving.

    • Creativity is embedded within us whether we manifest it or not, whether we are aware of it or not. When you provide the right conditions for self-expression, creativity, innovation and expansion of reality perception, people will gravitate to your space. Weekly opportunities for personal, group exploration and fun activities, may bring inner joy that is valued more than money. In these happy hours, mix people from different departments. Mix managers with “simple employees” . You may be surprised what magic boost of personal resources of creativity and innovation you will discover.

    • What is your path of creativity?

  7. Create friendly social ecosystem atmosphere - activate multidisciplinary dialogue

    • Friendly social ecosystem atmosphere is the culture that supports and facilitates all people that are present and participate in the space. They feel and sense appreciation, respected for who they are, and acceptance for their uniqueness. A friendly social ecosystem atmosphere –that supports pluralism, diversified culture and collaboration encourage   to solve problems, work together and thrive harmonically. This approach values each person’s presence and input to generate  mosaic reality of energy in the social space. Multidisciplinary dialogue as a weekly activity will bring new tolerance and acceptance and minimize prejudice.

    • Adopt Multidisciplinary dialogue

  8. Create friendly physical ecosystem environment

    • Friendly physical ecosystem environment is sensed as you walk into the space. You literally feel good energies in the air. That include:

      • Good air circulation

      • No noise

      • Harmony between empty spaces, furniture, plants and art which prettify the walls.

      • Functional desks and technology are suitable for personal ergonomic needs.

      • Dedicated SilentSoundSpace – to recharge vitality and reduce stress

      • Functional and positive compassionate design which keeps the right balance between personal spaces, group spaces and public spaces.

      • Check more decorative ideas and uplifting atmosphere in your space























That’s it!!

These 8 things, may be the best pragmatic approach to boost positive change in the space that you, as a leader, are in charge of.

Employees or people themselves need to be proactive in activating wellness in them, which is in fact – WELL-BEING.

​That is an additional focused topic  to read and digest from personal / individual point of view here :


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