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If you were given the task to create  a new curriculum that will be relevant to elementary school and high school as well, what topics will you list include? In addition, what topics will your removed from the existing curriculum?
  1. Vitamins and minerals in food we eat. What do we need to consume, so that our cells functions in an optimized way to increase our immune system and make us healthy and happy?

  2. Be a handy man/woman – learn how to fix things.

  3. The art of  effective listening and communication in a multidisciplinary dialogue.

  4. Multi minds , teamwork and project management

  5. Explore data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Explore how to integrative content and evaluate  its validity.  

  6. NetCouchMe – use the web data, information, knowledge to create your own wisdom for decision making in life change periods.

  7. Calmness on Demand.- ways to reduce stress and recharge vitality.

  8. Manifest  of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneur skills

  9. Live and Let Live as the basic MUST of coexistence.

  10. Kaleidoscope realities bridging perception in multi-realities bubbles.

  11. Permaculture , social and physical harmony and echo systems.

  12. What are calibration, coherence and dynamic balance in everyday life.

  13. Explore body systems (nervous, blood, muscles, skeleton, cells, immune) and mind systems(thoughts, emotions, memories, imagination, dreams, belief) how do they work in harmony?

  14. Math

  15. Creative writing

  16. Body movement

What  topics will I remove?

Any content that lead to separation and indoctrination of belief system.

Do you think that some of the topics above are too hard for children? You are wrong.

Teachers need to learn together with children, teen, and students.

Schools are community centers  and incubators if you have not noticed...

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