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what is- wellness on demand, demand wellness


Home caregivers are special people. That is because, their values and belief system direct them to focus on other family members coping with health issues on a daily basis.

In many cases they are so devoted to their love ones that they pay less attention to themselves. Caregivers do not consider themselves as special. For them, their priorities in life comes naturally as their duty and they don’t question their decision to focus on other members in the family.

That being said, once in a while, caregivers need to detach from their daily routines, and ask themselves questions about their own health, wellness and well-being. 

Being healthy mean that energy, vitality, time,  and attention on physical, mental and emotional levels, are used for growth, joy, creativity and love, and are not spent on pain, sorrow and dis-ease.

Activating  wellness at home is making sure that all  home members  get equal wellness conditions which include:

  1. Healthy food

  2. Body movement and exercise

  3. Good quality of sleep

  4. Effective ways to reduce stress

  5. Ways to express themselves freely, easily, and in creative ways

  6. Having positive physical ecosystem environment for an individual member and whole home members 

  7. Having a positive social, friendly and love relationship atmosphere

  8. Each person gets the time and attentiveness to facilitate personal growth

Well-being is the ability to implement wellness from within and create inner space of serenity home.


Caregiver need to take care of themselves first. Remember the instructions in an airplane, to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before treating others? This is relevant to caregivers.

Here are questions to ask and answer yourself:

Do I eat health food to nourish my cells?

Do I do exercises and do body movement in a pleasant way?

Do I sleep 6-7 quality night sleep?

Do I reduce mental, physical, and emotional stress daily?

Do I manifest my personal passion, talent, creativity and vision?

Does my personal physical space accommodate my needs?

Do I address my social / love needs out of the family?

Is the social energy among family members harmonic?

How do I comfort and enrich myself?


Perceiving a home as an incubator means, providing resources to all home members with attention, personal care, space and respect to  their natural and personal needs, supporting their  motivation to grow, and to their natural passion to be independent. The first basic incubator in nature is mother’s womb we all experienced.

What characterizes a womb? Security, space, resources to grow and readiness to be independent – after 9 months.

Care givers should remember  and realize, that even the most dependent family members they care for,  deep inside wants respect and independence.

Awareness  and sensitivity to extreme  protections  and habits, may  prevent us from harming  people we care for.

reduce stress becuase it overwhelms the mind
I need freedom and independence

Deep inside I have wings

Only now, they got clotted in deep layers of my being.


Deep inside I know I can get things together.

Only now, I’m confused in a maze,I don’t even know what is my mood’s weather.

Deep inside I am talented and created

Only now, temporarily, I have  no power – as if I’m self-deserted.

If I could trust and feel you are sincere,

in efforts to get me out of here,

With the ability to find my way to drive life and enjoy the journey,

My internal wings will give me a push – I will smile and feel again worthy.

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