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Hello B2B Partners

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a great added value if you are in the wellness-health-wellbeing markets.
By partnering with us, you may add a service in your center and also, sell our sonic harmonic ergonomic mats, pillows, sonic pets, sonic blankets. You and your clients will benefit from our business collaboration.
Take a quick view at a sample list of professions that may benefit from adding vibroacoustic therapy to their arsenal of modalities and self care tools.

Please read general information of how to become our business associate

You can find b2b wholesale prices here  

Are you interested to license our products, or embed our systems into your equipment (bedding /furniture?), contact us to dialogue on zoom.

 We invite you to feel and sense our sonic harmonic inner body massage

purchase one of our products and add a coupon -

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