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I feel and sense harmonic low sound frequencies. I know what this is all about because my purring is a natural built-in mechanism which not only operates when you spoil me , but heals me when I'm injured or in pain. Check with the SoundWell Cats Purring Frequencies therapy devices. There is nothing like feeling it from within. It will increase your and family's health wellness and well-being and boost your business... PRRR shhhh

We bring silence  and deep relaxation to your core being - from head to toes, from external layers to your deepest cells.

With our integrative  soothing low sound frequencies platforms, our mats, pillows, sound-bath weighted blankets, sound-massage tables, and recliners, we  balance and fine tune your biological-mental-emotional subsystems.

 They will act as a conductor of the orchestra which harmonizes your organs, tissues and cells, together with mind systems (thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and beliefs) They optimize the usage of energies & your vitality,

for better health, less stress and they  boost your performance  &  creativity. 

Stress is physical, mental and emotion. We accumulate  it daily and that is why we need to reduce it, daily.

Most of the solutions out there, including meditation and yoga - request some efforts. How do you expect people that are so overwhelmed, to be even more attentive? That is why people talk about it, but not too many people, in fact, do it daily.

People accept stress as "normal life" and they accumulate it until it becomes chronic, which then becomes the gateway to serious illnesses.


With our original  Vibroacoustic therapy from Nordic Countries (invented by Olav Skille), we make daily reduction of stress the easiest and most effective to be used as a therapeutic modality and as a self help tool.

Vibroacoustic Therapy is a stand alone therapy or can be incorporated with any other therapy. It is very helpful to students, people coping with chronic conditions, people after surgeries, injuries and as a tool to replace bad habits with better habits.

The process is very soothing, the outcome is the sensation of peace of bodymind together with vitality and recharged energies.

We create SilentSoundSpace in you and it empowers your well being and positive attitude during the day. 


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