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About Us


I am Avigail Berg-Panitz, the founder and CEO of TheSoundWell Vibro-therapy -  wellness sonic harmonic ergonomic equipment.

I am a energy healer, meditation teacher, wellness life coach, writer, and a Vibroacoustic Therapist. MA in Holistic Health.

Olav Skille - the inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy (Norway/ Finland) trained me  personally, how to implement the rare and unique knowledge of how to use harmonic low sound frequencies in the range between 30hz-120hz  to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety in a soothing and gentle way via  the sonic our equipment:

- Mats, pillows, sonic pets, weighted blankets. Our equipment's design (with special speakers built in) is also based on his knowledge.

We are using Skille's original frequencies compositions which help reduce lower back pain, upper back pain, insomnia, anxiety, headache, migraine and many other conditions.

In addition, some of our frequencies help get into deep meditation or self hypnosis and help replace bad habits with better habits, improve performance , self healing and optimize learning capabilities.

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We are here to collaborate with strategic business partners in different markets:

1. bedding

2. furniture

3. special needs

4. spa

5. horses & pets

6. rehabs​ & health institutions

7. sports

8. corporations and wellness@work

9. wellness & education

10. Associations and Organizations

You may be our distributor based on

wholesale prices or you may license and

manufacture our products.

You are also invited to partner with us and invest in us.

Let's increase life quality and boost the bond between wellness-health-wellbeing.

I am here to continue the conversation by email, phone of zoom

Be well



 We invite you to feel and sense our sonic harmonic inner body massage products: www.vibro-therapy.com/collection1

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