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When you talk about truth,

Remember it’s not always clear or smooth.


Even scientific paradigms that were accepted in the past,

Eventually didn’t long very last.


Because our limited mind,

Has  always a side that is clouded and blind.


We live in a reality bubble,

And thinking of them as TRUTH may get us into trouble.


The only solution for this state of being,

No matter who, you are and how things are seeing,

Is to share and dialogue with no ego of “im better”,

Or “im greater if you deal with THE MATTER”.


Because even a guy from the street, or an uneducated person,

May contribute an insight that lights kaleidoscope’s combination  perception.


So if you are here in this journey for reality expansion,

diversified dialogue will mirror "what is really there's" - reflection

We are a group of people that explore, examine, experience, exchange and expand landscape of  perception.

"More of the same" is not an option, because life is a constant change...

We challenge our own limited belief system and thought system.

We comprehend that we all live in our bubbles and that is why dialogue, less egos, and collaboration are the answer to find solutions to complex challenges, advance humanity and enhance life quality.

are you on it?

Avigail- social and wellness entrepreneur, initiated this.

join us

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