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Hello explorer, self-anthropologist, humanity observer.


If you are here, it’s because something in you tells you,

that perception is Complex and Dynamic.


Complex and Dynamicmore than what your parents told you.

Complex and Dynamicmore than what your school taught you.

Complex and Dynamicmore than what science research manifests.

Complex and Dynamicmore than what futuristic smart guys

explain of - how.

You came to an intersection with many possibilities,

and you don’t know where to go.

What do you do?

Naturally, you want/need a guide. Because your mind was conditioned from day one, that powerful people

have the wisdom to guide you.

First it was your mom, then your teacher,  your guru, and leader.


Yet… something in you, questions:

“what is the operating system of my being? 

and...what am I really doing here….?”


You look at yourself in the mirror , whatever age you are in,

and you say to yourself:

"No, its not the crises of my 30th, or 40th, or 50th or 60th…"


Like a seed that was dormant for a long period, something… (and it doesn’t really matter what) woke you up & makes you wonder:

“how and where do I go from here…. before I dis-appear?”


Welcome to kaleidoscope realities


This is a lab for you to explore and observe by yourself,

or in a group



It’s also a group collaborative  game


It’s also a book


By the end of your examination, you will be able to write the manual  of operating system of your being and communicate with people in a multi-minds mode to co-create, innovate and find solutions to complex challenges .


Are you ready to grasp & gaze, dynamic reality of self and humanity?

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