Wellness to Truck Drivers

Hello truck company executive

Your drivers are the most important resource you should invest in.

You know better than anybody else, that a good and responsible  driver will be on time, drive carefully, take care of the truck and of course will make sure  s/he delivers the  goods in the trailer in the best shape and conditions.

There are telematics tools to monitor driver’s behavior. There are  trucks’ sensors which alert in real-time if something is wrong. Yet, you can not monitor drivers’ emotions, sensations, thoughts and mood.

What is the secret of having loyal and engaged drivers? What is the secret of keeping them motivated?


Money incentives are important but not enough to keep good, loyal and trustful drivers.

Drivers, like any other employees, want to feel respected, appreciated, valued, and loved. Yes loved.

Drivers don’t want to feel that they are a replaceable asset. You need to support them in positioning them as truck mobile office TMO.

Drivers like anybody else want to be heard and express themselves.

The answer is WELLNESS

Activating  wellness  conditions  include:

  1. Healthy food

  2. Body movement and exercise

  3. Good quality of sleep

  4. Effective ways to reduce stress

  5. Ways to express themselves freely, easily and in creative ways

  6. Having positive physical ecosystem environment 

  7. Having a positive social, friendly atmosphere

  8. Each person gets the time facilitate personal growth

WELLBEING is the ability to implement wellness from within and create inner space of serenity home, each member can activate wherever s/he goes.

Drivers who spend most of the working hours on the road, need to feel at home in their trucks. In a resting area, they want to relax, take a nap, and also have the ability to reduce stress and pain.

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