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Optimize  usage of  vitality

Either you perceive and define yourself or your client as BodyMind or BodyMindSpirit, the truth is that we are complex beings with  “spaghetti like” interrelations subsystems :

Internal mind subsystems: thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination, dreams and beliefs.

Internal   body subsystems:  blood, nervous, muscles, bones, heart, brain, respiratory, digestive, urine, reproduction, immune, lymphatic…and more…

And, the nonstop interactions between body and mind subsystems.

It is “spaghetti like"  because we don’t really know in advance  “what triggers what “ and  make this outstanding compounded  organism creation function in so many multi-processed ways  .


What makes it work?

Vitality – or the energy of life.


We feel joyful and in good mood, sharped  senses, and clarity of the mind when vitality is high: Enthusiasm, excitement, verve, vigor, vivacity – in the air


We feel down , drained, non-focused, and act from fff mode (fight/ flight /freeze) when vitality is low.


What is this vitality?

The synergy between healthy food, good air, clean water, love, inspiring people and places and manifesting creativity.. – That all!!

Vitality heals.

The art of dynamic balance is to digest and distribute vitality, in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions  in a positive healthy way, like conducting harmonic concert in the organism oneness .


Let’s talk about the above…

Avigail – Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness

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