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We are here to bring wellness
to therapists
are you a guru therapist or non guru therapist
reduce stress becuase it overwhelms the mind

Over the years therapy types (physical, psychotherapy and alternative modalities) grew tremendously. 

There is such a huge increasing variety. New multidisciplinary modalities manifest, and I am always curious of how a person in a “clouded bodymindspirit” situation can select the best therapist for him/herself.

Some criteria which are not flexible derive from location and money. An individual may have heard of someone with great credentials, testimonials and feedback, yet s/he is too far away, and /or is too expensive.

Some people may say – “choosing a therapist is similar to exploring and choosing any other service: you have some ideas, you ask your friends and family, you check their websites, diplomas, social connections and testimonials, and then make the decision”.

This is  not a scientific research, my own impression from dialoguing with colleagues, partners and clients, reading and learning, there is a shift from looking for a Guru therapist to a non-guru therapist.

I know this is a generalization and most therapists are somewhere in between these extreme points, yet I do think it’s important for therapists, once in a while, to observe their perception, thoughts, knowledge, belief system and ways of doing ,and mark where they position themselves between these two profiles.


Guru Therapists are therapists that thinks, feel, imagine, and believe, that they are expert in their field and THE authority. In addition, they thinks, feels, imagine, and believe, that they are charismatic leader and that their personality / being, can magnetize their followers and have healing positive effect on them.  In fact, for various reasons (partly marketing /advertising)   very often, followers are convinced, believe   that their therapist is a unique enlightened guru. They develop dependency and continue their therapeutic sessions with that therapist for many years.  

Many people view health and well-being improvement as conditioned to the bond they developed with their guru -therapist. Clients of guru therapists are proactive advocates.  They refer and support them, with testimonials and convince others to hire their services.

Authentic integrity guru therapists really believe that they shine light of wisdom on their followers and that they have the right formula what keep them healthy. Therefore they encourage them to continue the therapy for a long, long period of time (years…).

People with low self-esteem, anxiety, low self-confidence, chronic diseases and disabilities; tend to stick to therapist gurus.



Non Guru Therapists are in general, humble people that view their clients as human beings, equal to them, and as part of humanity family. They understand that during a life cycle, individuals may find themselves out of bodymindspirit balance situations, that may lead them to extreme emotional, mental and physical setbacks, bad decision making, self-destructive behavior and clouded perception of reality.

Non Guru Therapists in their basic perceptions view themselves as facilitators, and not as enlightened people that “hold the truth in their pockets”

Their therapeutic sessions are similar to an exploration dialogues between two people /group. The goal is to get back to dynamic balance of the person /people who seeks help.

The sessions’ missions are to explore and adopt personalized self-help tools , so that when the time comes, sooner than later, Mr. client will get back on his/her feet , drive life and… enjoy the journey.


Non Gurus Therapists comprehend the conditioning of their own minds, the blind spots of their own perception, and that they never see the whole picture of clients’ world because life is dynamic and reality layers unfolds nonstop.

Non Gurus Therapists are positive and believe that even people in the most extreme situations in life can collect themselves and get back to vitality and relative independence.

They are positive believers of tapping and recharging inner passion and motivation and pumping   self confidence in their clients.

Wellness –wellbeing are viewed as an infinite ladder. Support to clients once in a while will not be identified by all sides as a failure.

Non Gurus Therapists understand the power of love, attention,  and creativity in the process of getting back to dynamic balance.

Non Gurus Therapists are non-stop learners. They know that what they’ve learned as a certified therapist is good for their diploma and state law, yet they need to expand and re-invent themselves nonstop to fresh and reengineer their own bodymindspirit to be in optimal capabilities as facilitators  for their clients.

Non Gurus Therapists understand the connectivity, complexity and interrelationship between physical systems (brain, blood, nervous, muscles, skeleton… cells and so on…) Mind systems (thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and beliefs)

Non Gurus Therapists keep observing their own belief system to prevent themselves from being judgmental or fixed in their observations or assumptions.

They understand how a bad habit can be used as an escape from stress in a tensed environment at home and at work, and how without notice,  people slide into addiction, thing get out of control, and completely damage one’s life.

They are aware that when they want to use imagery as a self-help and therapeutic tool, its more effective to use the positive experience or images of their client’s world of experience, then using guided imagery from their own personal experience.

Non gurus therapist need to update themselves with most effective self-help tools to eat balanced food, reduce stress daily, sleep better, move the body, manifest creativity and find harmonic ways for social eco-friendly atmosphere and physical eco-friendly environment.

Non Gurus Therapists may consciously reassure to their client that:

- Nobody is perfect and that soon they will be able to climb again in the ladder of wellness and wellbeing.

- Life is the school of awareness

- We are all students in our life journeys and we are all exploring, setting and rewriting new version of the operating systems of our beings.


Are you a guru therapist or a non-guru therapist?


Avigail – space facilitator, holistic and integrative therapist, social and wellness entrepreneur, energy healer …  


i'm stressed, am i really helping?
i need to detach myself...
who do i go to...
what is really BodyMind Balance
do i walk my talk????
let's identify the problem:
Many Therapists are worn OUT
and they don't know what to do



Before interacting with patients and  starting your business day,

Take a 23 minutes on a vibroacoustic therapy mat to minimize overwhelmed mind and let personal stress go away.

You may be very attentive and professional expert in your therapeutic modality,

Yet there is something we all need to share, and that is – optimize our inner power and vitality.


As  much as you can be a conscious and aware human being,

Let go of conditioning of your mind, empty it as much as possible, to allowing; larger clearer, inner seeing.


We all have blind spots of perception and subjective bended beliefs, which set the prism of our view.

Let the vibroacoustic, balance our bodymind, sharpen our senses and reengineer them to be fresh, sharp, clear and new.


We can slip into automatic thinking, prejudice, and conditioning of the mind like anybody else,

Yet this is not a good therapy for our clients, and will not lead to a good health.


The vibroacoustic therapy may benefit your clients as well.

It is a wellness platform which assists reducing stress, pain, insomnia and anxiety, their bodymind will manifest and tell.


The sensation is fabulous as gentle harmonic waves rinse the body from within,

Minimizing overwhelmed mind, soothing inner massage body, and tickling the skin.


After a session for you and your client with vibroacoustic therapy,

Your treatment will be much more effective, adding positive attitude and healing remedy.

Do you get the feeling?
harmonic low sound vibrations waves, rinsing and hugging you from within like gentle waves in a still lake.
We are 65% water. Vibroacoustic therapy, harmonically, vibrates every organ, tissue and cell, minimizes overwhelmed mind and dynamically balances BodyMind
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